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OK I'm setting up a tipping comp for the 2018 season. This will be a stripped back version of last year's game, which got complicated by my enthusiasm for trying to mix it up too much (not to mention some drunken scoring on occasion, but let's not go there).

So there will be a Sweepstake pick, one single shot at tipping a player for Medevac/Quits, and tips each week for Immunity and Voted Out.

I was going to go for First Animal Shot and limit it purely to actual stock shots, and not some random bird or bug flying into a scene where it was not the actual focus. But it does detract from the show somewhat so I've decided to drop this. Ten was not nearly as creative as CBS or TVNZ in this regard anyway. And likewise gone are the other random tips such as whether or not Odette would speak... Woo!

So to get the ball rolling, please pick a number between 1 and 24 for your sweep tip, thus joining the game. Note: I have taken 8 already.

Anyone can play, but if you join the game make sure you join the day's live thread while watching the show, and please be committed to the game as it does involve PMing me every week with your tips for the entire season.

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Excellent! I'm unlucky at random picking, so I'm going rogue and randomly adding together the numbers that have already been taken... So can I have 21 please.


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err on the side of caution with tipping players for medevacs/quits, as there are spoilers abound regarding this.