Episode Australian Survivor: Brains V Brawn - Episode 21 Discussion

Who do you think is a shoe-in for the final?

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Thanks for starting this thread. Nice to see some thread-starting enthusiasm again in these final few eps (just as long and someone doesn't start the finale thread at midnight with a poll about a contestant that got voted out six episodes prior).

This game's not big enough for both Hayley and George at this point. The also-rans need to take a good long hard look at the big picture now and turn on one of them. It'd be a bit silly to stick to your alliance now and just turn on Dani or Flick. TIme to make an actual move.


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...dog help us if both George and Hayley get rolled before the F3. It'll be Lame Vs Lame. The biggest pitch could only possibly be "sure, I did nothing all season, but I orchestrated getting rid of George and/or Hayley".

I shudder just thinking about this scenario.

And I did vote Hayley as a shoo-in for the finale, but now I'm not so sure.


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I don't want to vote as I only want to see two of them win, and I don't think they will :(


I'd be happy with either a George or Hayley win.
George for being the breakout star of the season, Hayley for being the toughest.
Beyond that, Cara is nice but hasn't done enough that George couldn't claim as his own, plus she's made some rookie mistakes.
Flick, Dani or Wai winning would be horrendous.
I voted Wai, because everyone loves a goat.


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OK I'm outta here and will leave my thoughts later. Have fun.

Also I found a way to make a VPN out of a spare Raspberry Pi. I can make that and send to my sister in Melbourne and stream Channel 10 via that in future and watch live again without spending a fortune on a new VPN.