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Episode Australian Survivor All Stars (2020) - Episode 20 Discussion


I'm enjoying this season for reasons other than who I want to win. Since Harry left I haven't really liked any of them, so the outcome isn't the be-all and end-all, it's still interesting to see how they get there.
It would be satisfying to see David taken down because I just don't like him (as a tv character, he seems different outside of the game) but if he does win I won't begrudge that he earned it by playing hard.


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After Harry left, I wouldn't mind either Shonee or David winning haha, they are the more interesting and fun ones left. But I prefer Shonee. The others are just kind of... unremarkable?

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...evenin’ all... what with being about 100th in the special ‘pensioners and invalids’ line at Woolies this morning at 7:00 AM... when the door opened and after we had to flash our pensioners cards and then the thunderous roar of A-frames /walking sticks/ scooters and wheelchairs thundering along and being left behind in their wake... with the first 50 or so that got there first and grabbed 2 packs each instead of only 1 so that there would be some left for the rest of us I expected to see sets of false teeth thrown in like hand grenades into the front line people...

... instead there just gasps and people saying things like “oh gosh!... just missed out!” types of statements... everyone was so civilised!... not like on TV!... lol!... watching that slow motioned stampede will stay with me forever lol!... so!...getting to my point...

...my sweet darling wife and I can truly call ourselves ‘SURVIVORS’... like the name of this show lol!...

...now to watch the show... Brooke to go tonight please Producers... either David or Tarzan to win this please... cheers.