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Australia’s Got Talent


I loathe sport on TV...
Ok. The Acrobatika group were good but the pole dancing ‘interactive video clock routine’ mum with 3 kids was farrrrr more deserving of a golden buzzer than the acrobatic group.


Australia doesn't have talent really, or at least not to sustain two episodes a week of this, there is a LOT of pointless filler. The judges get excited or cry over things that aren't remotely worthy of a reaction.


I loathe sport on TV...
Jess M... you're on the show to be a judge. Not to sing to the contestants.


I loathe sport on TV...
Another bullshit judgement in the latest episode

Knife thrower guy didn't deserve a golden buzzer. Creasy just didn't have a clue who to press it for.
The woman comedian or the blind piano guy were far more deserving to go through than the cute kids who were little better than a school rock eisteddfod performance (and a not very good one at that)

Channel 7 clearly just want cute kids in the grand final...

The 2 comedian judges probably thought the comedian woman was a professional threat to their own limited market/audiences...


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Now America and Britain have done a Champions edition do you think Seven might do an Aussie version with the best Aussie acts plus the best from around the World?

The trouble with AGT of course is it's not been on air consistently like the American and British versions, so only has about half the series to choose from and none of the current judges or hosts have a history with the show. That said though it is all about the acts, and the advantage of doing a Champions edition in various countries rather than one airing internationally is it can be tailored more to the home audience. I guess whether Seven show BGT: The Champions might be an indicator to where Australia's Got Talent: The Champions is likely to happen in the near future as it's likely many of the international acts would be asked to appear.