Aus Survivor Blood v Water: Ep 20

What will happen to Survivor?…

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Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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…Gronk and Gronkess think that Dave will ‘see logic’ and will vote fot Jordy tonight… not realising that Dave is a complete moron and has never seen any form of ‘logic’ for his entire life… so the Gronks are quite deluded methinks!… cheers.

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
Awesome site donor
…well… she’s gone thank fuck… Gronk’s talking about killing people… everyone’s happy but Gronk… how can it be any better than that?… thanks for the chats Melore… nite all… pleasant dreams folks… cheers.


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Finally that F***ing majority is gooooooooooooooone... and that lying, thieving, scum bucket with its scornful smile is OOOOOOOT...

Now they need to make sure anyone but The Wannabe Murderer wins the next 3 immunities... he can play idol, idol & then we can hear Jordie give a good riddance speech for The Twilight Knights long awaited departure...


We did it! I felt the victory and it was so satisfying.
Josh is still a moron, voting for Sam and then warning her she needed to play her idol.
Thankfully she stuck to her guns and declined.

And Chrissie is beyond hope. She realises what needs to be done, but is unable to go through with it.

As for Gronk - what a revolting specimen he is.
He's going to go after Jordie because "I'm a trained killer".
Yeah, the SAS must be so proud of you using their training to benefit yourself financially. Just UGH.

Jesse's joy as he realised what was about to happen was priceless.