ASP Association of Surfing Professionals World Tour France 2014


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9th Stop on the Tour. The Men are in Hosseghor France going into round 5 this afternoon.

The Waves are heading into the 15 foot range. (Double Overhead)

It will start at about 3.30pm (Aus time) this afternoon on Fuel TV and online

The Ladies are in Portugal and it is their last event before they head to Maui Hawaii to surf the absolutely gorgeous Honalua Bay.

Once the men finish in France, they head to Portugal and then Banzai Pipeline, North Shore Oahu Hawaii.

Both our Women and Men have shots at the World Title with our women absolutely Shredding.

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Watching huge clean pipeline in hawaii. First stop on the 2020 tour.
The beauty, fearlessness skill finesse and aesthetics..
All breathtaking.