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Answer with a question


Live long and prosper
The rules:
1. Each poster answers the previous poster's question with a single question of their own.
2. No random questions allowed, each question MUST in some way be related to the previous question.
3. Questions in gif and picture form is permitted, but they must comply with rules 1 and 2.
4. Try to be clever with your responses. (But sometimes that's understandably not possible)
5. No other comments. Only a single question per post is permitted.

For example:
Poster 1: What's for dinner?
Poster 2: Haven't you eaten yet?
Poster 3: Didn't you know I was on a hunger strike?
Poster 4: Why are you on a hunger strike?
And so on.

Sometimes people might post things simultaneously and things will get messed up. Just carry on as best you can. Have fun. :)

I'll start:

Does anybody want to play this game with me?
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What's wrong with playing this game? (Don't forget to read everything with that nasty habit people have of making every sentence into a question. Yes, these are questions but you know the voice and inflection I mean. Exaggerate it :) ??)
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Why would we be confused?

Āłšō... Ēvērÿōñē ēv1čt Fłāmīñgōš tōmōrrōw¡