4 New Housmates Swapped with 4 Original!


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Channel 9 just aired an ad that said that Ryan will have to swap 4 of the original housemates with 4 of the new housemates! OMG PLEASE NO PRISUS!


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This is so lol if it does happen.

Only ones I think is definite safe is Lawson and David.

He's been about cat and Priya going at times. Though he recently nominated Travis and Aisha.


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If this is how it actually is, and 4 of these housemates will replace ANY 4 of the original housemates chosen by Ryan, then I quit the show (maybe not if Travis survives).

But seriously, it's an absolute farce, if true. And for me, who started watching Big Brother with all these gimmicks, this is most likely the final straw.[DOUBLEPOST=1414407509][/DOUBLEPOST]
Yeah it doesn't add up.

And if it does happen... how do you think the producers will manufacture it so that Travis can't possibly be evicted?
Well, their efforts thus far have been a little counter intuitive.... you know, with the whole offering 25k.............


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Way to get more people to hate this year's big brother ::facepalm::

It would actually be good if we got to vote but no. That is too much of an effort for ch 9.

I honestly think its bye bye to priya. At least she wont be leaving as the least popular housemate of the week, she will be leaving as the least popular in the eyes of the junkie Ryan. Ily Prisus xoxo :cry:


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Reading this thread has made me realise for the first time that I actually like this year's housemates and the thought of them leaving is a sad one (even though I barely know them but still). That's something!