200% Cat is not going. Dont even bother.

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She is the HOH. They need a power housemate for the nominations. and Nominations start tomorrow, there will be no time to grant a housemate the power ( I mean "we" are the one who votes for them).

Cornflake Girl

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I'm slightly (in a Truman Show manner) worried about Cat's mental health if she is evicted. She was somewhat obsessed with the divorced thing for the first week and for people not to judge her. Considering they *think* no one saw them (her and Lawson) snogging, if she's evicted and it's played on the stage, and she then reads ANY OF THE INTERNET, yeah. Not a good place for her. She's not strong. I'm ambivalent over her personally, but if anyone needs Really Good Counselling after eviction, it's gotta be her.