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channel 4

  1. Brekkie

    Channel 4 "in talks" to bring back BBUK

    A throwaday comment in an interview or a sign that Big Brother could one day return to it's rightful home: https://deadline.com/2019/12/ian-katz-on-big-brother-the-circle-e4-1202808702/amp/?__twitter_impression=true I do think it'll return to C4 one day, but not quite yet - and I think it...
  2. Brekkie

    C4 Big Brother doc: The Reality Star that Changed Britain

    Not sure if this is out there yet via the usual sources but last night C4, the original Big Brother UK broadcaster, began a three-part documentary called Jade Goody: The Reality Star that Changed Britain. A quick reminder that Jade was a housemate in BB3 back in 2002, one who very much divided...