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big brother

  1. s2art

    Sportsbet odds

    This week Xavier has moved to 4th spot with, Dan, Chad and Mat holding the top three spots. Dan 2.75 Chad 3.5 Mat. 4.5 Xavier 5.5 Sophie 8.0 Angela 9.0 Keiran 9.0 Ian 10.0 Garth 15.0 Casey 21.0 Zoe 21.0 Sarah 25.0 Shane 34.0 Hannah 41.0 Marissa 45.0
  2. ElevateJay

    Channel 10

    Rights to a certain Endemol reality Tv show doesn't sound so bad now does it Channel 10? #Roasted #bringbackBBAU
  3. J

    Poll on Channel Nine Website: New or Old?

    I noticed today a poll on 9's website asking if you want Big Brother to return to channel 9. I have not been on their website in a long time and was curious if this was from back when the show was cancelled or something new. It's at 95% yes. I would appreciate if anyone knows. Thanks...