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  1. destroy_robots

    How do you think the series would have gone if it was Vote to EVICT?

    I apologise if this has already been discussed... I have never been a fan of the system "Vote to Save". I can understand why they do it (more money to be made from somebody saving their faves instead of voting for ONE person they dislike), but I've always felt that it changes the outcome of the...
  2. destroy_robots

    The 200k prize money

    OK, I thought I'd start a thread and see where it goes... Out of the final 6, speculate what each person might spend their 200k prizemoney on? Answers can be serious, or joking. GO!
  3. destroy_robots

    Prisoner / Wentworth

    OK, sorry if it's already been asked... Do we have any fans of Prisoner (or Prisoner Cell Block H as it's known outside Australia) or fans of the remake Wentworth?