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  1. Cookies and icecream

    Australian Celebrity Big Brother?

    Hey guys. I have been watching CBB UK for a few years now and I was just wondering why we can't have our own one here in Oz. Is it the cost? Getting celebrities? No viewers? The closest thing to it is I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here. It doesn't have to go for six weeks. It can be done...
  2. Cookies and icecream

    Tuesday episode starts 7:30pm

    Hey guys this is just a reminder that the start time is earlier tonight. I again thought it was 8:30. Last week took me by suprise and I hadn't finished all my stuff before it started. So get settled in early and see you on the other thread :joyful:
  3. Cookies and icecream

    BB 21/10/14 7:30 pm tonight

    I thought it was 8:30. Didn't want anyone doing the same :)
  4. Cookies and icecream


    Hello. Could you please tell me how to pm? Is it the icon 'start a conversation?' And if I click on someone's profile and they don't have the 'start a conversation' icon does that mean I'm being ignored by this person? Thanks to anyone who can help me out.