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  1. SeanE

    2021 Tokyo Olympics

    Ok, so who else thought the opening ceremony was ‘meh..’ at best and generally pretty lame? China, and Sydney for that matter, did it far better… I only gave it about 20 minutes before giving up and switching over. Apparently having Naomi Osaka light the flame is raising all sorts of Japanese...
  2. SeanE

    Plate of Origin

    OK, so I'm watching Masterchef Lite... errr... Plate of Origin, so here's some reflections so far: (in no particular order) What Palace is this show being filmed at? It's huge! There's so much going on in the garden and different parts of the building that its clearly hard for the camera guys...
  3. SeanE

    Pooch Perfect

    I really think (more like ‘hope’ perhaps) this show is going to ‘screw the pooch’ and be more ‘Pooch Pathetic’ than Pooch Perfect. Apart from being a one - shot idea that’s unlikely to be able to sustain itself over the long term, Rebel Wilson... Just. Isn’t. Funny... Already the...
  4. SeanE

    How many repeats are too many?

    Jeebus on a bike channel 10... how many f-ing repeats of the first 2 episodes are too many? I know you’re all excited for your new summer series, but repeating the episodes all day Sunday on 2 channels and then today as well on 4 ( count them FOUR!) channels at the same time is perhaps going a...
  5. SeanE

    Australia’s Got Talent

    Ok. The Acrobatika group were good but the pole dancing ‘interactive video clock routine’ mum with 3 kids was farrrrr more deserving of a golden buzzer than the acrobatic group.
  6. SeanE

    Shark Tank 2018

    Returns tonight! :) Hopefully I’ll be able to do the episode reviews each week like last year.
  7. SeanE

    Hells Kitchen Australia

    Episode 1 Well, that was all a bit of a fizzle wasn't it? Boring as crap really. Marco is snapping away but the celeb chefs are just pottering along really, barely breaking a sweat. Where's the screaming, the stress, the crying, the frantic worry and borderline nervous breakdowns? The kitchen...
  8. SeanE

    Shark Tank 2017

    Who's watching this one? I like it because I can use episodes in my year 7 class when we look at 'Entrepreneurs' in Economics. Last night I thought the Doctors were pretty good overall. Good to see them hold their own against Steve and the others. For once the Sharks were up against some guys...
  9. SeanE

    Dear Channel 7...

    About the 4.00pm news... If you're going to broadcast it nationally then perhaps it should be a *national* level bulletin and not simply the Sydney local news. Anyone beyond the Blue Mountsins truly doesn't give a damm about the local traffic conditions and local traffic accidents, which local...
  10. SeanE

    Can't post anything with my regular login name

    I keep getting an error about a reply having more than 10000 characters... But they don't! I dunno how to clear it or reset things I had to make this new account just to report this error...
  11. SeanE

    The Restaurant Review Thread

    Been to a great restaurant lately or just have a favourite that you go to again and again? Maybe even one that was absolute crap..? Offer your reviews here!! :) Be sure to state the restaurant name, suburb and city (since not all of us live in Melbourne or Sydney...or even Brisbane for that...
  12. SeanE

    This or That?

    A bit like the word association thread you have to state your preference from the current pair in the last post and then come up with a new pair (of any combination, but usually something related to each other in some way) for the next person. So.. Crunchie or Violet Crumble?
  13. SeanE


    All the guys have pretty much the same hairstyle... Longer on top, moussed within a millimetre and short sides.
  14. SeanE

    House pairs

    So, who is paired with who again...? We need the photos along the top of the forum like last year with their names on the pics so old farts like me can keep track on who's who etc...
  15. SeanE

    I would not call the new forum look an improvement...

    Especially on an ipad. It doesn't format to the screen properly without having to scrunch the screen down a bit Plus I can't tell which threads have a new post in them I'm sure there are other things I could whinge about but that'll do for starters
  16. SeanE

    Under the Dome

    Ok, so this was pretty good tonight, but here's a few thoughts. Don't like the psycho boyfriend at all... He's just too unbalanced for no one to notice yet or before now. If they're under a dome - where's the wind coming from? There's not enough space under the dome to generate a wind...
  17. SeanE

    X factor 2013

    Who the ell is that Redfoo bozo and apart from being a judge on X factor what else has he ever done? Is this show going to be about the contestants or the drop kick judges? (Can you guess I'm already turned off by this show simply because the promos showing this 70's throwback idiot....)
  18. SeanE

    New logo for Channel 10?

    The shameless product placement on the news and especially The Project is all becoming a little too blatant for me. I know they're a commercial station but really...? There's apple stuff everywhere - on the desks, in their hands, the shape of the image box behind them...