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  1. BigBrotherCritic

    BBAU 2020 Predictions

    Will it shine? Will it flop? What are your interesting, weird or wacky predictions for this years Big Brother?
  2. BigBrotherCritic

    Survivor: Season 36

    After such a fantastic season with a mildly distasteful end, Survivor GHOST ISLAND will be debuting next year. It will bring previously used twists, advantages and moves back into the game. So far I'm really liking the theme and I'm interested to see how they're going to divide the tribes if...
  3. BigBrotherCritic

    Survivor Season 35

    After a returnee season, its now time to go back to the newbies. I'm a big fan of the logo, its very different to anything we've seen before. The use of what I think is a moon instead of sun is a cool choice. The red SURVIVOR text is interesting. Overall pretty good. Survivor S35 will be known...
  4. BigBrotherCritic

    New Zealand Survivor

    Much like Australia, our neighbors in New Zealand have created their own edition of Survivor. Its not very good... http://www.tengaged.com/blog/Ethan000/8020692/survivor-new-zealand-episode-1 Thoughts?
  5. BigBrotherCritic

    Survivor Season 34

    At the end of Survivor Millennials Vs. Gen X, Season 34 was announced, featuring players who were known as Game Changers. I really like the badge for this season. It looks so relaxing with the sky blue. The cast has also been announced with Zeke and Michaela from S33 joining the game.
  6. BigBrotherCritic

    CH10 BBAU Not viewable on YouTube anymore?

    The videos on the BigBrotherArchive FullEpisodes channel are still there but unless your an international viewer, on a majority of the BBAU 01 to 08 seasons you'll be getting the nasty: This video contains content from Shine Australia Pty Ltd, who has blocked it on copyright grounds. So why...
  7. BigBrotherCritic

    Harry Potter

    How much they all grew up! What a franchise! Come here to discuss every Potter, from Patronuses to Potions, Spellbooks to Sirius, and Muggles to Magic. Always BTW Shameless Plug, RIP Alan Rickman. I love him so much
  8. BigBrotherCritic

    BBAU 2001 - Live Launch - Were you there?

    Was anybody there when it first started? How was the experience? Can you tell us all about it? Cheers
  9. BigBrotherCritic


    Our Queen Gretel Killeen was extremely well known for her wacky phrases during Nomination and Eviction shows, usually making a terrible pun from a nominees name or figure. Here is thread to list some of her more cringier Gretelisms.
  10. BigBrotherCritic

    Dear Channel Nine...

    Anything you wanna say to Channel Nine? Tell us all what really gets on your nerves about Australia's "Middle Child" channel.
  11. BigBrotherCritic


    A place for us to discuss all things controversial... from the girl who's hair that looks like a bird's nest to the Adventures of ISIS. ANYTHING you deem controversial can be discussed here. Expect Controversial Views, Controversial Topics and Controversial CAPS. thx
  12. BigBrotherCritic

    James Bond Thread

    So I may be a little bit excited about the new James Bond movie: Spectre. Here is the trailer and... The newest trailer :D I wanna reach out to other fans of the series, INCLUDING people who have read the books. I have had the pleasure of reading Casino Royale and am in the Process of reading...
  13. BigBrotherCritic


    Come here to talk about the TV show elementary starring Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson and Johnny Lee Miller as Sherlock. Personally am a big fan of the show, Robert Doherty has done a fantastic job in telling a different version of the classic Sherlock story.
  14. BigBrotherCritic


    I really love it when people make recaps on all the seasons of Big Brother, I came across this one: Has anyone else seen any more?
  15. BigBrotherCritic

    Game Name my Venus Fly Traps

    GAME: The person with the funniest and most creative name will be given a Pristian Prayer Here are the little darlings, try your best
  16. BigBrotherCritic

    FanFiction Thread

    Come here to look, enjoy and post some original Big Brother FanFiction. Remember, no step is too far. Scenes can be members of the same sex enjoying each other. Before We begin this Madness, I shall post a @BigBrotherCritic Original titled: Ryan and his search for pleasure!
  17. BigBrotherCritic

    What is your favourite Doctor Who Episode??

    You know the drill
  18. BigBrotherCritic

    Theme Songs

    So what is your favourite Big Brother Theme Song? Original is mostly always the best I personally love the 2003 one, great tune, very direct, 2005's tune is great but hate the "Robot CGI People" abundance of Rubiks Cubes! 2008, LOVE THE TUNE but Brigitte was in is which wrecked it entirely...