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  1. twoone12

    Priya's influence on Skye

    So I only watched Thursday's episode last night so forgive me if this has already been discussed but why is Priya trying to turn Skye off the others? First she said something about Penny and was trying to make Skye think Penny hates her, and then later on she was trying her best to make Skye...
  2. twoone12

    Tom being a hypocrite in his eviction video

    I just think it was really hypocritical of Tom to go nuts at Skye when she made that comment about wanting a girl to win, then he said he wanted a girl to win in his eviction video! He even went to the point of saying his parents would be disgusted for him to say he wants 'one of the boys to...
  3. twoone12

    Sex in the house?

    Did Lawson just confirm that he and Cat have sex in the house? According to him Aisha and Travis do, and Skye and Leo might, but he also told Lina not to worry about 'that bed' (that they were looking at) because he used to sleep in it before he got with Cat. So does this mean in his 'new' bed...
  4. twoone12

    Noms talk in the house?

    Correct me if I'm wrong but didnt Priya tell Jason that all the other HMs were discussing who they've not nominated and they said Jason Ryan and Sam. Wouldn't this be classified as noms talk? In previous years they'd get a strike for even the slightest hint of noms