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  1. Not a fan of Clara Oswald

    What's your desktop image / wallpaper?

    Thought this might be a fun idea.. What's your current desktop on whatever it is you use be it a PC or MAC or whatever? I'll start by sharing mine. It changed today.
  2. Not a fan of Clara Oswald

    Your favourite movie Scenes. Post yours

    What are your favourite movie scenes? Two of my most favourite movie scenes. Made in 1992 and way ahead of it's time. Post yours and let's have fun talking. I love this movie because it was made at least 20 years before we had the WWW and Snowden and gave a lot of thoughts to things that...
  3. Not a fan of Clara Oswald

    Do we have a politics thread to discuss things political?

    Hey guys do we have a political thread here? I want to see what the right and left post in here, or is it all lefty?
  4. Not a fan of Clara Oswald

    What computer games are you playing?

    What computer games are you currently playing, either a console or PC? Currrently mildly hooked on Skyforge GTA V Saints Row 2 and 3
  5. Not a fan of Clara Oswald

    How do I get rid of an old profile?

    Hey hi guys. I just noticed my old profile still in the members list. How do I remove that or should I just let it sit there?