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  1. deadasdisco

    New Worldwide Survival Reality Tv Show That Allows Rape And Murder

    [I had to make a thread about this, it almost seems fake but deadline is a decent source, like WTF] Siberian Reality Survival Series ‘Game2: Winter’ To Allow Rape, Murder & More INTERNATIONAL BREAKING NEWS CONTROVERSIAL REALITY TV GAME2: WINTER RUSSIA YEVGENY PYATKOVSKY Game2: Winter...
  2. deadasdisco

    Episode I'm A Celebrity! AU (2015) - Fallout Zone Discussion

    Thought I would just start a discussion thread, and see how people think of it so far. Maybe viewers on the forum could post highlights of episodes for other forum users, because some of them get boring. :)
  3. deadasdisco

    Sky High!! I thought this was interesting? Fact or Fiction

    An article by news.com about a confirmation by channel 9 about this years Big Brother house going multi-level. I have seen another article in these forums about it, but this is a new link. Sorry to those who have already seen this. I'm keen to see your opinions. Is this indeed fact or fiction...
  4. deadasdisco

    The Tim And Ben Show

    "Me and Ben have a surprise for you...Bring on the New Year! Spread the news! #TimAndBenShow2014" - Tim Dormer