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  1. D Space

    BB21 Prize Money vs 2001

    Speaking of the budget for production of BB Australia, the prize money for most of these shows is rubbish in todays world. $250k was the prize I remember in the early 2000’s. It’s 2021 now and theyre still keeping a 20’th century payout? They are getting off easily aren’t they? The target...
  2. D Space

    Housemate bios / photos

    Hey y'all, Can anyone please post the image that shows who everyone is in the house ? It was posted earlier in one of the episode threads but I can't find it. Thought it would be handy to have here at least while we wait for someone to post the Housemate mugs on the top lol. You know, Channel...
  3. D Space

    Posting in an episode thread & getting spoilers

    Hey team, I was just wondering if it’s possible to turn off that feature that displays all the posts that you “might have missed” while you were posting feature? i’m watching the show quite delayed and have only just watched half the episode . i then read through the forum until the same...