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  1. Columbo

    Daniel and his advantages.

    There has been some discussion about Daniel and the advantages he has received on the various episode threads. While some posters feel it's another way of production making sure that Big Brother becomes the Daniel Show, others think differently. What is your opinion?
  2. Columbo

    What Do You Think Of Batman?

    To me he's a pretty cool superhero. Personally I think spiderman is cooler. But Batman is awesome. Especially during the Dark Knight movie.
  3. Columbo

    Episode BBAU 2021- Episode 14 Discussion (19 May, 7:30pm)

    Apart from one of the twins going at the start of the episode I hope there is an actual eviction tonight.
  4. Columbo

    What Annoyed You Today?

    A sock gone missing? Somebody not indicate whilst you were out driving? Complain about it in this thread!
  5. Columbo

    Favourite TV Theme Tunes?

    Here are some of mine
  6. Columbo

    Australian Survivor to return in 2021

    https://www.pedestrian.tv/entertainment/australian-survivor-2021-confirmed/ Pretty confident or pretty foolish to think that they'll be filming survivor next year imo. Unless they film it in Australia. Or do very strict quarantining.
  7. Columbo

    If You Were Ever Cast on Big Brother, What Strategy Would You Use To Make It To The End?

    Using the rules of the 2020 Australian big brother season. Would you employ much strategy knowing that the audience is voting for the winner at the end and they might not care about how strategic you were? Would you try to win challenges or not? Who would you try and target? Would you try...
  8. Columbo

    The Reepbot Report

    You know I've only seen one full episode of friends but I've seen so much about it that I think I know the whole show.
  9. Columbo

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 14 Discussion (6 July)

    Exciting stuff as we come down to the final eight of Big Brother Australia. Edit: Episode preview:
  10. Columbo

    Is There Something I'm Missing About Daniel?

    Daniel to me seems pretty boring. An inoffensive former footballer who seems to get along with most people in the house. Will probably make it to the end of at least near the end. But now he's been accused of having a racial bias (with no proof to say either way), and manipulating Ian for his...
  11. Columbo

    AFL 2020

    Not long before the season restarts again. Who will be the premiers? Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.
  12. Columbo

    2020 Ratings Thread

    To post about the ratings that this upcoming series of Big Brother Australia will be getting. What do you think the launch numbers will look like? What about for the episodes after that? Which demographic will be the strongest for Big Brother Australia?
  13. Columbo

    Big Brother Australia and the media

    How has Big Brother Australia's relationship with the media changed over the years? What responsibilities does the media have when reporting on housemates? Should story always trump mental health concerns? Does this also apply to forums like these? Where do you get most of your big brother news?
  14. Columbo

    Survivor: Winners at War (Season 40)

    It starts tonight 7:30 PM on GO! 20 former winners coming back to compete again, some for like the fifth time. Should be interesting to see.
  15. Columbo

    Public Speaking Thread

    This is a thread to post about stuff to do with public speaking. Talk about speaking in public, toastmasters, professional speaking, tips on public speaking, subjects that you might want to speak on pubically, or anything else to do with public speaking.
  16. Columbo

    What DON'T you want to see in Big Brother Australia 2020?

    For me the number one thing I don't want to see is obvious favourtism towards a housemate. I remember in the channel 9 era where it was so obvious that the producers would favour certain people in the house. They would give special treats, put them at the forefront of ads, edit out their more...
  17. Columbo

    Eurovision 2020

    https://www.sbs.com.au/news/first-two-artists-revealed-for-eurovision-australia-decides-2020 good or bad? oh well, it doesn't matter anyway. we'll lose again like a bunch of losers. i think we should send a magpie as our entrance. have it squak during the performance. the setting can be...
  18. Columbo

    Survivor US - Island of the Idols

    Starts next Thursday on GO! with a 90 minute premiere at 7:30 pm. Apparently Sandra and Rob are going to be some sort of mentors? Not sure how that will work out. https://www.cbs.com/shows/survivor/photos/1008804/who-s-in-the-cast-of-survivor-season-39-island-of-the-idols-/2/ (Link to cast).
  19. Columbo

    Sometimes a 'like' just isn't enough

    Likes are a really great format of this forum, and I really enjoy them. They can be great for expressing gratitude, or how you feel when you might not have the time or words to express them. But sometimes I feel that a like can be somewhat restrictive in it's expression. Because sometimes a...
  20. Columbo

    Most cringe-worthy moment in Big Brother Australia?

    For me it was when Ben from Tim Dormer's season had that tea party I think it was with Bert and Patti Newton.