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  1. Lightning McQueen

    Katie Hastings (Housemate Big Brother 2006) on A Current Affair tonight

    Katie Hastings is on A Current Affair tonight. Apparently her identity was stolen and the story is all about how she tracked the person down.
  2. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 25 Discussion (15 June, 7:30pm)

    Mirror Mirror on the wall... Why must this season suck so much balls?
  3. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 24 Discussion (14 June, 7:30pm)

    I'm a mirror, you are light... Whatever you shine bounces off me and hits you right... In the eye...
  4. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 23 Discussion (9 June, 7:30pm)

    Which housemate will go into anaphylaxis from a Seafood Alliance allergy?
  5. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 22 Discussion (8 June, 7:30pm)

    Are the fish in the seafood alliance getting too big for their small pond?
  6. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 20 Discussion (2 June, 7:30pm)

    Will Ari's alliance with Daniel prove fruitful?
  7. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 19 Discussion (1 June, 7:30pm)

    As requested :P In the promo they said that there's a "shock exit" - will someone actually play the game today?
  8. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 18 Discussion (31 May, 7:30pm)

    Let's hope it doesn't take a whole week to vote one person off this time...
  9. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 8 Discussion (9 May, 7pm)

    Just a reminder that Big Brother starts at 7pm tonight, not 7:30. Also, an article I found today - apparently the poor ratings of this season of Big Brother are being blamed on a lack of "young, hot singles", again proving that they just don't get it...
  10. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 6 Discussion (4 May, 7:30pm)

    Big Brother has the hungry housemates run off their feet and it's a battle royale as carnivore and vegan go head-to-head.
  11. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 5 Discussion (3 May, 7:30pm)

    It's surprise after surprise as Surprise Week continues. As one housemate's position hangs in the balance, will his big mouth be his downfall?
  12. Lightning McQueen

    Big Brother AU Greatest Moments

    Thought it might be fun to reminisce about some of the best moments from the heyday of Big Brother. Starting with the notorious "Gretel Incident" - hence the poll. For those of you who don't remember, back in 2006, during the live nominations the day after Michael's eviction, Gretel and...
  13. Lightning McQueen

    Photoshops 2021

    Hi all, One of my favourite things about this site is seeing everyone's creative photoshopping. So let's see what you've got, and put requests here too :) I don't have any photoshopping talent myself, but SJ is the spitting image of Anne Haney (the court liaison from Mrs Doubtfire, among many...
  14. Lightning McQueen

    Episode BBAU 2021 - Episode 3 Discussion (28 April) - Drawing Battle Lines

    It's party time as housemates old and new get to know each other. But as alliances form, battle lines are drawn. Who will be next to leave the Big Brother house? Let's party like it's on Sale for $19.99. P.S. I just realised there is a typo in the title (should be 28 April, not 29 April. Would...
  15. Lightning McQueen

    Daniel Gorringe on the AFL half-time discussion

    With tonight's match, Gold Coast vs Carlton, being Daniel's two former teams, they had him on for a discussion. The talk went to Big Brother and they talked about his fear of birds. As a joke they brought out a stuffed lorikeet. The interview ended very abruptly... What's the bet that when they...
  16. Lightning McQueen

    The best classic episodes of Big Brother

    Seeing as this year's Big Brother isn't worth watching, I've decided to watch some classic episodes. I thought it might be fun if we put down our favourite classic episodes (plus it gives me something to watch). I've started with my two favourite nominations nights - the night in 2012 when...
  17. Lightning McQueen

    Do you care who wins?

    If so, who and why? If not, why not?
  18. Lightning McQueen

    Day 54 (31/10/2014) Made Up Halloween Show

    Without a Friday night show AGAIN, we must make up our own show AGAIN... With Friday night falling on Halloween, the Big Brother house has been turned into a spook house... The new head of house is announced and for their first task, needs to decide which two housemates will join him/her in...
  19. Lightning McQueen

    Marina not crossed out...

    Hi all. I was just checking that everything's ok with the admins? Usually the evictee is crossed out within the hour :P