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  1. mrB

    Kit Kat Biscuit or Chocolate

    As it says in my avi Kit Kat is a biscuit There is much debate on this and happy to find out what others think of it. I know there are many questions and troubles in teh world we could solve but this enternal question has plagued me since the days I watch Two Pints of Lager and A Packet of...
  2. mrB

    Anniversary of the Passing of BB housemate of the first series Gordon Sloan

    Saturday 13 September was the day former housemate passed away Gordon Sloan, an architect, entered the House on Day 1 and was evicted on Day 35. He later became a "human shield" in the Iraq War, with his exploits featured on Nine Network's A Current Affair. On 1 September 2007, Sloan...
  3. mrB

    Will we get Live Feed

    Any ideas rumours etc on whether we will get live feed on the official Bb site or through some other access? I missed having that live action I used to go to sleep with them running and wake with them it was like being in the house And welcome back all those who were here on the site before and...
  4. mrB

    constant logged out

    I keep being logged out while reading forums and such I get the yellow box of welcome MrB etc I log in with password etc and go back to page I was loaded on. Is there a reason for the logging out all the time? Is there something I need to do update profile or something. I don't know why it...