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  1. marquisite

    Episode US Celebrity Big Brother (2018) - 9Go! (AU) Episode Discussion

    This thread is for anyone watching at the same pace as the 9Go! television broadcast, Sunday - Thursday, starting from Feb 11. If you are watching live or through 9Now, feel free to discuss the show (and all the spoilers, if any) in the International Big Brother forum...
  2. marquisite

    I'm A Celebrity! AU (2018) - Articles

    @ImACelebrityAU is back with @drchrisbrown and @Ladyjmo + all new celebrities in a brand new season. #TEN2018
  3. marquisite

    I'm A Celebrity! AU (2017) - Articles

    In case you haven't heard, I'm A Celebrity returns again next year. Time to get a new media articles thread running :). ---- Beaming to you live from South Africa, five nights a week, I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! is returning for a third season. Australia speculated, cheered, cried...
  4. marquisite

    Episode I'm A Celebrity! AU (2016) - NOW! Discussion

    Discuss I'm a Celebrity's new companion show NOW! right here. NOW! airs on Eleven 9:30 pm Sunday - Thursday. N.B. Topic will be unlocked after the launch episode of I'm a Celebrity has finished. Discussion for that episode (and other I'm a Celebrity episodes) belong in the main discussion...
  5. marquisite

    Graceland Happiness Project - 8/10/15 on ABC2

    Heads up to anybody interested in the Graceland Happiness Project web series featuring Tim Dormer and Ben Zabel - the ABC will now be airing this as a single documentary on ABC2, October 8. There's some conflicting detail around the start time - the ABC says 9:35 pm but TV Tonight states 8:35 pm...
  6. marquisite

    Episode Day 71 (17/11/2014) Eviction

    Facebook promo: TONIGHT, David and Penny go on a date to clear the air but is he the catch he seems? Eviction: David, Leo, Priya, Skye or TravisRyan - who will go?
  7. marquisite

    BB struggling to pull an audience? Tickets now 50% off

    So in the last few weeks the crowds have been looking smaller and smaller on TV. Turns out, Gold C and Silver C are no longer being sold online. Even then, with only the middle two aisles A/B and the smaller D aisle on sale, there are still plenty of unsold seats to tomorrow's eviction. E.g...
  8. marquisite

    Episode Day 32 (9/10/2014) Daily Show

    TV promo: Social media teaser 1: Social media teaser 2 (ta @Veronica2005): So, the producers got fed up with Cat/Lawson not spilling the beans on what went on in the sanctuary. Is that the only interesting thing that went on over the space of 24 hours? But I guess it'll get people watching...
  9. marquisite

    A scheduling shake-up forecast for October

    Some observations: Next week (week of the 6th) looks like a normal week with Monday Night Light on monday and an Eviction on Tuesday The week after next (week of the 13th) is missing both Monday Night Live and an Eviction. But there is a live show slotted in on Wednesday. Absolutely no details...
  10. marquisite

    In case someone has failed to "mention"... there's a problem with "mentions"

    @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude @bleachy_dude How about now @bleachy_dude ?
  11. marquisite

    Episode 2014 BB Launch Taping Updates/Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Today, September 7th, is the Launch of Big Brother 2014! Behind Big Brother will be live blogging the details that make it to social media on the front page: http://www.behindbigbrother.com/2014/09/launch-as-it-happens-spoilers/ In an effort to consolidate the predicted discussions about the...
  12. marquisite

    BB2014's 6-day weekly schedule

    Following on from this thread about Tuesday evictions and the "Monday Night Live" show, we now know from an article in the Sunday telegraph that Big Brother is indeed 6 days a week this year. To refresh: Monday Night Live show on Monday's from 8:40 pm - Ticketed show with audience Evictions...
  13. marquisite

    Ten's "50 Year's Young" ft. BBAU - Aug 3 2014

    Channel TEN turns 50 in August this year, and to commemorate the occasion there will be a 'Top TEN' show dubbed '50 Year's Young' featuring former Big Brother housemates Chrissie Swann, Ryan "Fitzy" Fitzgerald among other celebrities. Channel Ten have compiled a shortlist of 50 shows and voting...
  14. marquisite

    Design your ultimate BB live show set

    Earlier, Goon started a thread for designing your ultimate Big Brother house. So continuing along those lines, now's your opportunity to design a Big Brother live show set. I'm sure any eviction/live show set alterations are well in advanced planning stages for 2014 by now, at least I hope...
  15. marquisite

    2014 Promo: Vote Now (possibly a fake *wink wink*)

    In 2014, you've got more say than ever before, as you'll be deciding who takes on the role of Executive Producer. The 2014 promo which has been spotted is in the next post :eek:. Remember, you're voting for your favourite producer. The producer who gets the most votes, gets the job. Which...
  16. marquisite

    Episode Day 101 (6/11/13): Grand Final (155m) discussion

    Welcome to the official Behind Big Brother discussion topic for tonight's LIVE Grand Final show - 30 minutes to go [in most states]! The running time for the Grand Final show is 155 minutes - any recordings may need to be manually extended to avoid cutting off the winner announcement. As per...
  17. marquisite

    Episode Day 94 (30/10/13): Eviction #12 (90m) discussions

    So tonight is the final Wednesday eviction and 2nd last eviction of 2013. NSW is delayed by 30 minutes once more. Who will go? Ed, Jade, Drew or Tim?
  18. marquisite

    Episode Day 64 (Mon 30/09/13) Intruder Eviction (120m)

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddtf2zTtwpI Find out which male intruder has been evicted over the weekend & see two female intruders enter live. Tonight's special is 2 hours long starting at 7pm. No housemate will leave tonight tonight, as regular housemate evictions are now on Wednesdays.
  19. marquisite

    BB bumped on October 7 (Mon) - scheduling heads up

    According to advanced guides, Big Brother for Monday October 7 will be bumped to 8:45 pm due to Australia's Got Talent finals at 7 pm. AGT itself bumped from Sunday due to the NRL Grand Final. The run time is still 90 minutes, so Big Brother won't finish until 10:15 pm. I wonder if that daily...