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  1. Angel

    After watching Today's show I cant guess who BB...

    Wants to go home lol Talk about messing with au BB. ONly one HM didnt get in on the action. Sorry Ed, BB is saying bye bye now. OMG the poor Tahan cards were just too much lol Ben being funny Ben, just to remind us he is Ben. Tim in love? Cant let him leave and Drew playing the...
  2. Angel

    Evictee Tully Answers Your Questions!

    Just watched the video on BB website. She did well, good on her. I have to say though, funny she is still jealous of Jade lol.
  3. Angel

    The Tim/Ben thing.

    Some people are talking about Tim wanting Ben out. Am I the only one who doesn't think that's the plan? In the tonight show he pretty much warned us watching not to forget to vote for Ben. I think he is giving Ben's fans reason to worry so they vote and insure he is safe. Just like when he said...
  4. Angel

    Any Tully vote regrets?

    How is everyone feeling about voting this week? Are people who voted to save Tully regretting it? I didn't vote for Tully but I still felt ripped off seeing all that after voting was closed. I wonder if it would have changed anything for anyone?