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  1. kiwirick22

    Misdirected hate

    ok boys and girls, Here's a little rant thread, about the season overall and coverage from not only this site but social media in general. Everyone seems to be blaming channel 9 for the current state of the show, which is kind of correct, but really 9 are trying to save this sinking ship. They...
  2. kiwirick22

    Four New Housemates to enter the house

    Where's the banner with the monkeys, I like the monkeys :p
  3. kiwirick22

    Finish the Sentence: The problem with Big Brother is ...

    If the show were to return next year, and let's be honest. It's a fricken massive if!!! They need to scrap the current format, and return to a massive back to basics format. A simple house, and no twists, no secrets. Just 15/16 HM, in a house.
  4. kiwirick22

    Finish the Sentence: The problem with Big Brother is ...

    The problem with Big Brother, is that it's lost what made BB BB. It isn't about the HM living with strangers anymore, it's about strangers waiting for the next twist they next shakeup They expect stuff to happen, so they don't live their daily life's anymore. There is no randomness to it, no...
  5. kiwirick22

    Episode Day 23 (30/9/2014) Live Eviction #3

    Why so much hate for Priya? I think she's fricken great, Much better then trav
  6. kiwirick22

    Episode Day 23 (30/9/2014) Live Eviction #3

    Damn, Things are heated in here tonight
  7. kiwirick22

    2014 House...

    Iv been thinking that myself.... There must be internal stairs? That lead down into the camera run by the living room..
  8. kiwirick22

    What would you have done with the power?

    I would love to stay in the house longer, even to the final 4. I just know my personality and my aproceh towards subjects and talks wouldn't allow it lol I'm very um, head strong. And don't take no as answer. Lol
  9. kiwirick22

    What would you have done with the power?

    I would of taken the 10k And keep it to myself, Because at the end of the day, I know I don't stand a chance of winning at the end.
  10. kiwirick22

    2014 House...

    Think I'm finally getting my head around the layout of the house. I miss having windows or glass doors into the house. Miss real light,
  11. kiwirick22

    Alex & co wasted a great opportunity regarding them buying the food.

    This is just another plot/twist that has fallen way shorten then it should. It's the halfway house all over again!!! BB didn't even wait 24hrs to open the diner, he should of left it till the next evening, give them time to grow hungry and bitchy. It could of turned into a great idea and...
  12. kiwirick22

    What if: Celebrity Big Brother Australia (2015)

    I would love to see a all stars season, 14 past HM Fan picked for, every season. Because God knows they need the money and screen time
  13. kiwirick22

    Benjamin HM 2012 - Officially joins Behind Big Brother.

    While I wasnt a big supporter of you Ben, You were yourself, you didn't "put" it on for the cameras You were honest and true to yourself. Out of the final 5, you were my favourite and the one I wanted to win
  14. kiwirick22

    Pointless Pairs

    The pairing will be over before it gets worth while, I would of had them having to do everything together. Stay in the same room, shower, sleep, eat etc
  15. kiwirick22

    Benjamin HM 2012 - Officially joins Behind Big Brother.

    Hey Ben, Great to see another winner/past HM on here Quick question if you have time or care, If you could of picked a era to be on BB. Would it be channel 10 or 9? And don't regret anything that you have done, what's done is done. Think, grow, and move on
  16. kiwirick22

    Favourite Opening Title

    loved the 04 music and the 06 titles love love the diary room mix, its on my iPhone.
  17. kiwirick22

    Are we seriously getting no live updates at all this year?

    i feel like this is sadly the end again for our deal show.. the show has lost what made it amazing, Live feed/updates was such a key part to the show
  18. kiwirick22

    Would you have taken the money?/ reasons

    100% yes, given a chance to walk away with money is perfect, even more so if you don't last that long during the season.
  19. kiwirick22

    I GOT THE POWER ( to change my partner if i win Fri nite games )

    is there even friday night games this year? i think there will be chances to swap around, be it tied into the games or some other way. i kind of want the partners to stay together for a little while
  20. kiwirick22

    Is Camerashy1 a 2014 Housemate?

    god i love the fact there could be one of us in the house its excitng