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  1. nonieu

    Nature at its Best

    The world is in so much turmoil at present lets focus on how beautiful it is :) Paste pics of nature at its best
  2. nonieu

    The Food Game

    The Food name game Ok so this is how it works: One poster names a food and the next poster comes up with a food that starts with the last letter from the previous food. Chocolate Cake
  3. nonieu

    Alphabet Movies

    We have TV shows Why not Movies
  4. nonieu

    Location Location

    In this game, you post a location that alphabetically follows the one previously posted. It can be any sort of geographical location. A river, a street, a mountain, a restaurant, a forest, a bridge, a planet... anything at all. The location can be real or fictional. To start:
  5. nonieu

    Things in Life that make u go Aawww

    This pertains to any subject or picture that makes u heart sing I will start with a pic of one of favourite animals
  6. nonieu

    Famous Person name drop

    We have a fictional one I thought we could do the real thing I will start with Paul Wesley
  7. nonieu

    Sayings and Quotes and Facts

    I saw this and found it interesting I am sure we have all come across some interesting ones we could share
  8. nonieu

    Make a Sentence

    This game is make a sentence with 3 words then pass on three words for the next player the first 3 words Flowers; Biscuits; Vampire The vampire was carry a basket of biscuits when he stopped to pick flowers next 3 Ocean :Bike: Dress
  9. nonieu

    Fictional Character Name Drop

    The person above adds the first and last name of a fictional character. The next person has to think of a fictional character who's first name begins with the first letter of the previous last name. I will start with William Compton