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  1. kiwirick22

    Misdirected hate

    ok boys and girls, Here's a little rant thread, about the season overall and coverage from not only this site but social media in general. Everyone seems to be blaming channel 9 for the current state of the show, which is kind of correct, but really 9 are trying to save this sinking ship. They...
  2. kiwirick22

    Past seasons

    Hey guys and gals, I have taken to watching past seasons on YouTube But one of the biggest issues, iv found is that I have to play 3/4 different playlist for each season, and some episodes are broken up into 5parts I was wondering if anyone had full seasons, in zip files That they may be...
  3. kiwirick22


    Sorry if this has been done before but i would like to know when everyone started watching Big Brother? how did you get into it? what keeps you coming back? Me, i started watching Season 1, i was in bed sick, and one monday night i switched on TV2, and there was Sara-Marie pouring...
  4. kiwirick22

    Weekly tasks

    hiya guys, quick question/issue by the looks off the daily shows and daily feeds the weekly tasks are starting tuesday morning, after Noms, but end mid day thursday! didnt the taskes in past seasons run for a week! and not a few days, i loved the week long tasks,