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  1. Ellie Mae

    How should the argument in the spa between Priya and Ryan/Travis gone?

    Most know that I am, if not a radical Pristian, still a Pristian. That aside, and keep in mind I am really just curious, wondering how each of you wish the conversation had gone. What should Priya have said. Or Ryan, or Travis. Just what do you think would have made it better to you as an...
  2. Ellie Mae

    Why do you hate the HM you do? Why do you love the HM you do?

    I don't really hate any of them. I do find several to be very bland and milquetoast-ish. Lina for one. On anothe thread I was reminded that she reminds me of Cat. In who I found much to much resemblance to a, well, feral cat. All the yowling for her mate. Causes a shudder even now. :penguin: I...
  3. Ellie Mae

    Which couple irritates more: Clawson, Traisha, or Skylo?

    I find each irritating in their own special way. Clawson as the most tearful. Both crying at different times, too many times. So you are both filthy, filthy cheaters! Stop crying about how you didn't mean to hurt that girl and just get on with it! Neither of you intend to stop, so just dry...
  4. Ellie Mae

    Why is "playing the game" taboo?

    It seems as if a lot of the housemates stigmatize strategy. I wonder why. You wouldn't go into the house without the prize, would you? It seems as if, whatever version you happen to fancy, AU, US, UK, ect... the players who are open about wanting the cash, are harshly criticized by their...