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  1. Mooseface

    The Virus good bad ugly – without housewife GIFs

    Let‘s see if this gets any traction, I can’t cope with the housewife GIFs in the other thread.
  2. Mooseface

    Prejudice vs Racism

    I think this is possibly worth discussing? I (personally) don’t feel that there was overt racism at any point thus far in this series in the house. But..... I think there are ALOT of predudices/stereotypes.
  3. Mooseface

    What would Reepbot say (4)

    There you go Reepbot. I’ve created this thread on your behalf.
  4. Mooseface

    New Off Topic Thread ..... (Everyone: please be nice)

    Well....we'll see how this goes
  5. Mooseface

    What else would reepbot say?

    Shall we just continue on here? Unless there is nothing more to be said.... Have you got anything else to say, @reepbot?
  6. Mooseface

    Big Brother Germany...September 22

    Es kommt!
  7. Mooseface

    Is Jade super sweet or amazingly dim?

    I am sad to tend toward the latter. Help Fabio
  8. Mooseface


    Should the hms and/or her family pose an intervention? Is this her typical behaviour? Is she in fact in control? Or a total fruitcake?
  9. Mooseface

    Ed and Jade

    They are under he radar housemates. Does anyone here know (anyone who knows) them in real life?
  10. Mooseface

    Ed having fun

    I have to admit I am NOT an Ed fan and find him humourless. So i dont really expect this thread to survive. but i will keep an open mind.....I am not sure that I have seen him genuinely smile or laugh or have fun in the 75 days he has been on our screens. I would really appreciate some...
  11. Mooseface

    Anyone no longer bothering with the tv shows?

    Sorry (sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry) to b so mean.... But are any others stopping watching bc discussion via the forums is actually more fun AND more educational and mind broadening...???
  12. Mooseface

    Does anyone know anyone who has worked on BB?

    How much editing is really done? How much psychology is involved? What actually happens once the HMs leave?
  13. Mooseface

    Ed to Go next?

    Well... Jade infatuation aside, he is really a pot plant. Pleasant looking. Inarticulate. Time to Go?