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  1. SepiaBird

    Speculation: Big Brother Australia in 2019?

    Mike Goldman just posted this in his Instagram story:
  2. SepiaBird

    Celebrity Big Brother UK - January 2017

    Celebrity Big Brother UK (January 2017) eye revealed:
  3. SepiaBird

    BB Mock/Fan-Made Thread

    In an attempt to bring back some life and fun to the Behind Big Brother Forums during this sad and desperate time, I welcome you to the BB Mock/Fan Made Thread. A place for all of us Big Brother Fans to share our own creations relating to the Big Brother Universe, from around the world. Here...
  4. SepiaBird

    Celebrity Big Brother UK - January 2016

    Celebrity Big Brother 2016: New eye logo is unveiled as the show goes all vaudeville A new Celebrity Big Brother eye has been unveiled before the series heads back to Channel 5 in January 2016. Emma Willis and Rylan Clark-Neal will present the long-running favourite which has an all-new theme...
  5. SepiaBird

    Forum Big Brother 3 (UNSEEN)

    BBUnseen: No Housemates Permitted!
  6. SepiaBird

    Are these our Big Brother 2015 Housemates? ;)

    Are these our Big Brother 2015 Housemates? ;) @Tim @Consuela @Kingston @bleachy_dude @MADONNA @delcan @Spock @Medusa @Trala @SepiaBird @pornstache @reepbot @Khun Khun @mistercat122 @CaspersMum @the Theorist I have been experimenting with creating my own Big Brother...
  7. SepiaBird

    Jake Knew Michael

    Sorry, I thought there was a Housemate connections thread but I can't find it and didn't know where to post this. I was going though Jake's YouTube channel (check it out there is some cool BTS stuff) and came across a parody he did at the start of last year featuring Michael from Big Brother...
  8. SepiaBird

    A Question For Kiwi Members

    Hello to all you New Zealand aka Kiwi members. Last year I took a trip to Middle Earth and I have also recently been checking out the New Zealand TV guides and I have noticed that New Zealand gets a lot of Australian TV. Usually it's the season/series of the shows that Australia had the previous...
  9. SepiaBird


    I figured it would be a good idea to have a thread displaying the voting details so here it is: VOTING NUMBERS FOR EVICTION #3