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  1. Poxy

    Ben & mum on The Morning Show

    So Ben's mum was giving her favourite falafel recipe along with son Ben & David & Sonia. Mum did say that Ben "had moved on" and is "looking after himself". Ben also said he had no idea how to cook with gas an had to install an electric stove. Looked like a nice recipe too!
  2. Poxy

    Tim the psychopath - his tricks, and Ed

    Here's a brief intro to how Tim's (and psychopaths) minds works. (First of all he's closer to borderline traits than antisocial traits but thats another story) Its all about control. In Tims' case, start calling people "idiots". If they don't respond and complain, just keep on taking it...
  3. Poxy

    Jade back off you skank!

    Using my crystal ball I can see Ed trying to hook up with new girl Madaline. She's the right age, smart & sassy. (Whether Madaline wants him is another matter?!) First thing Ed did when Madaline entered the house was give her a kiss! That's footy-speak for thinking she's a grouse shiela...
  4. Poxy

    Tim = Russell Hantz "These people are ignorant"

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jkd3HdDIBJ8 Tim has his predecessors in Russell Hantz & Richard Hatch. Both were evil manipulators who removed their opposition with clinical precision. We now have their match in Tim, perhaps the first housemate to really understand how to play BB Australia to...
  5. Poxy

    Drew = young Keanu Reeves

    There is a striking resemblance. Drew seems like Mr Nice Guy too.
  6. Poxy

    I just want them to all go away

    and never be heard of again. Ungracious losers AND winners. Its like choosing between gonorrhea & syphilis, they fucked all their viewers & now we all have the clap. What a group of horrid horrid people.
  7. Poxy

    Estelle the emo

    Earlier this year as part of a uni subject I did an assignment on youth subcultures. I focused on emos & Estelle has lots of characteristics. - emos, as a group, just dont fit in with other parts of society. They are not jocks, goths, or part of the popular group at school. I think Estelle &...
  8. Poxy

    Telegraphing your intentions vs intuition

    There's a lot of talk here about HMs where we know exactly what they are thinking & plotting as they tell everyone. I'm talking Ben, Sam, Michael who are too talkative about their strategies, so others know how to target them. The blabbermouths evoke strong feelings in the audience. Sam's major...
  9. Poxy

    Bigger babe? Stacey's Boyfriend or Ryan Gosling

    Stacey's Boyfriend Ryan Gosling For reference the hairstyle is called the 'Southern Swoop', popular in southern USA.
  10. Poxy

    Sam's tighty whities

    So Sam has been wearing nice new clean tighty whitey underwear in the past few episodes. Sexy, white, clean underwear, as Sam is nice & clean. Can somebody tell me what underwear Michael wears?
  11. Poxy

    Michael's boyfriend Rob

  12. Poxy

    Layla's Vocal Fry

    I win the prize for the most cryptic thread title! The is vocal fry: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsE5mysfZsY
  13. Poxy

    "vote to save " + airtime = power to producers

    So in the past we have 'vote to evict'. Now we have 'vote to save'. And with any publicity being good publicity, anybody who appears on the daily show will be in people's minds. Sam have had very little airtime this week so he is probably going. Michael has the most airtime so he is...
  14. Poxy

    STOP the show my HAIR is on FIRE

    So tonite we have - Michael & Angie both given a strike for talking about noms - Estelle having her weekly nervous breakdown after hearing Michael say all the HMs hate her - Sam being seen (quite rightly by Ben) as being too pleasant & sucking up to everyone; people see through this so he...
  15. Poxy

    Sam - Using Pickup Artist techniques

    Whether Sam is a natural puckup artist, or whether he has learned the techniques as a bartender, is debatable. What I think is not debatable is he uses PUA techniques. - alpha male attitude; self confident - Flirting...
  16. Poxy

    If Josh has had 100, how many has Sam had?

    Josh has had 100 'dates' with girls, how many notches under his belt does bartender Sam have?
  17. Poxy

    Who listens in the toilet to the Captains Quarters

    Who listens in the toilet to the Captains Quarters? Is it the Bitchy group of Michael, Josh, Ben, Zoe and Stacey as well as Brad? Im sure they would be listening for people having sex & trying to get a video as well. What a bunch of creeps. One of the girls says Ben acts as their spokesman...
  18. Poxy

    "You are all playing the game" - nope

    Big brother said last night they are all "playing the game". Nope this lot are hopeless, I cant see any pacts forming, not too many leaders either. Bitch Boy Benjamin is the only one really playing the game with his "divide and conquer" strategy. Why arent the "blokey" boys forming a pact to...