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  1. Mavis Beacon

    What about Moderator hate threads are THEY allowed?

    Dear fans, LAST night during Big Brother, as I sat demurely on the couch in my small East Brisbane bedsit, knees together and legs tucked gracefully against the couch below at an angle of no more than fifteen degrees but no less than five, I took the opportunity to not look at sonia's weird...
  2. Mavis Beacon

    The Adventures of Dim Dim: Episode Two - The Two Powers

    We last left our flawed-hero in the diaBOLical clutches of the most fiendish femme fatale since Drew from last season - NO one that pretty is a bloke jesus fuck people COME ON. Anyhoo Dim Dim was being held prisoner in the sanctuary, and only pretty compassionate editing is going to save him...
  3. Mavis Beacon

    The Adventures of Dim Dim: Episode One - Fellowship of the Thing

    NEXT WEEK: Will Dim Dim regret what maybe didn't happen in The Sanctuary or will Big Brother have a...i dunno...TAPE TO PROVE OTHERWISE. WILL he then curse his stupidity and go and make the same mistake again and again REGARDLESS. OVER and OVER and OVER again! Is alcohol the root of all his...