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    Big Brother Canada 9 confirmed - begins March 3rd

    wow BBCan vs BBB vs BBau .... This year is going to be amazing
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    The first six Housemates Number 1 Flex .... Instagrammer Number 2 Sarah Model Number 3 Christopher Magician Number 4 katie Ninja Warrior Number 5. Marley Basketball player Number 6. Carlos DJ
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    ...Holey Moley... it could be silly fun...

    Its hard btw Amazing race and Holey M.
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    RuPaul’s Drag Race DOWN UNDER

    We need Drag race in Channel 9
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    International The Circle

    My fav Brazila and France... I didnt like the USA version.
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    10 is doing terrible the last few years, Who is watching channel 10 in 2021?
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    BB2021 Filming

    When is the final?
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Housemates Revealed (contains spoilers)

    She has more than 8000 followers, so She is an influencer, or maybe they are some clients =) As you said , she is a Stripper (Sex worker) "Victoria is the only Australian state which classifies some types of stripping as sex work (Unsplash: Eric Nopanen)"
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    1. Flexi M (NSW) 2. Sarah J (NSW) 3. Katie W (NSW) 4. Christopher W ? 5. Marlie ? 6. Carlos ? 7. Play dumb girl ? 8. Chess player guy ? 9. Motorbike guy ? 10. Farm Girl ? 11. Topless Guy ? 12. Guy with moustache ?
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    Dancing with the Stars Australia

    wohooo, my fav show
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    The Circle on Netflix

    Just watch it. Love it USA Brazil France
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    The Circle - Series 2

    Celebrity Circle yeahhhh
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    BB2021 pushed back for Holey Moley

    Angela is going to be amazing in holy molly. You will love her.
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    Big Brother Australia 2021: Promos, Trailers & Spoilers

    hahahah. Hope Talia or the Asian dancer
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    BB2021 Filming

    Are you ready for Season 2021 26 contestans 20 to 65 years old Some famous ones Contestants from Australia, Kenia, Ireland, Ghana, China, NZ, Brasil, Colombia, England, Greece, Israel, Lithuania, etc It's going to be long and epic season.
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    The Voice 2020

    Anyone is going to apply to the voice 2021