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  1. natamalie

    I'm worried that Lawson will win

    Could not agree more. His intro vid struck me as a dorky underdog kind of thing who might struggle to fit in but once he strutted in it was pretty clear his video was pretty far from the real Lawson. To me, he seems cocky and puts himself on a pedestal a lot.
  2. natamalie

    Show your pets

    Okay, just spent a hour liking all these posts, mostly cause i'm pet obsessed! I have an 11 month old cardigan corgi, he's still in puppy mode but heaps of fun.
  3. natamalie

    Whose "it's time to go" do you prefer, Gretel's or Sonia's?

    Gretel. All the way. Not basing it on anything else but hearing her voice and the beyond long pause made it for me.
  4. natamalie

    Ideal Final Two...

    Priya and David, Skye 3rd place. Probably the 3 that I have really liked watching the most, wether it be likeable or not so likeable at times.
  5. natamalie

    3 Evictions THIS WEEK

    Guessing 2 of the new housemates will go and 1 original. Doubt they will boot 3 originals, audience is more willing to part with money to save them usually, may as well keep them for the long run. Woah Luke, that comment has changed everything, so they're getting rid of 3 housemates who have...
  6. natamalie

    Accessing old accounts

    Yes Marquisite sorted me out, thanks heaps anyway Tim!
  7. natamalie

    The Four New Housemates(?) Revealed. Young. Predictable.

    I kind of feel like there are enough in there at the moment, 2 people maybe... but 4? Feels like an overload.
  8. natamalie

    Keeping it simple, housemates or Channel 9?

    It's the producers. The housemates could be boring as anything but if they get enough airtime and have the producers actually give them tasks/activities to make them clash/laugh/do things that make us want to throw bottles of wine at the tv then there would be no problem. Anyone can be...
  9. natamalie

    why isn't lawson being nominated?

    I was shocked you, all I can think of is that maybe because of how we only see the big storylines, there may be smaller ones that are playing a more emotional priority in their own minds?
  10. natamalie

    David Appreciation Thread

    Hadnt thought of Trav, for some reason I cant see Aisha, Leo, Ryan and Marina getting it. Maybe it's just wishful thinking that it's Dave? Ha.
  11. natamalie

    Aisha Was Great Tonight

    Good point, but I think after that she was telling the audience that she found him rather intense and felt uncomfortable around him (something about him bringing it up afterwards). Might be wrong but it seemed like she doesnt feel as grateful towards him as she did initially.
  12. natamalie

    David Appreciation Thread

    It has to be Dave this week, seems to be the only popular one with the public who hasnt been chosen I think?
  13. natamalie

    Aisha Was Great Tonight

    Reepbot I couldnt agree more. I like Aisha for the mostpart but the blaming Cat for the whole Clawson debacle is not right. It always takes two in any relationship. Blame them both! She is young and I think all in all shes doing alright.
  14. natamalie

    That @$^&*@ Song!

    Feeling your pain yumq, was singing it all yesterday... badly.
  15. natamalie

    Still shooting people ... with a camera

    Still shooting people ... with a camera
  16. natamalie

    Game Counting in Pictures

  17. natamalie

    Accessing old accounts

    Oh god, so now I have to suck up to you. Gonna tweet you jake and ask you a favor!
  18. natamalie

    Game Big Brother 2014 Housemate Popularity Tracker

    Gah thanks John!!
  19. natamalie

    Accessing old accounts

    Well well well look whose managed to find me within MINUTES of writing this. Stalker much Jake??
  20. natamalie

    Game Big Brother 2014 Housemate Popularity Tracker

    Priya 381 (+) David 213 (+) Skye 132 Aisha 46 Leo 22 Marina 14 Ryan -40 (-) Travis -43 Lawson -76 (-) Cat -108