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  1. Hooden

    Victorian Election: How Will You Vote?

    For my fellow Victorians, who are you planning on voting for and, more importantly, what are the key issues that you're taking to the election? You don't have to post your preferred party if you don't want to - but I thought it'd be cool to get an idea of where most of you sit on the political...
  2. Hooden

    What Was Your Favourite BBAU Season?

    Thought it could be interesting for us to see where we sit on this question compared to others. I've chosen 2006 because to me, that is Big Brother. I was too young to remember anything before BB05, however I've since gone back and watched a lot of it and recall a lot of the hype around the...
  3. Hooden

    I just saw an ad for Big Brother on Ten.

    It was a promotional ad for the Gold Coast where you could visit the house. It was exciting for a moment, though. Sorry to disappoint. No I'm not.