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  1. Wormow

    Best BBAU (Channel 9 Era) Season Yet?

    What has been the best and most entertaining season of Big Brother Australia during the Channel 9 era in your opinion?
  2. Wormow

    Final Triple Eviction - Who Will Go?

    The final triple eviction before the final day - who will be evicted? (CHOOSE THREE!)
  3. Wormow

    Eviction 14 - Who Will Go (Part 2)?

    I thought it'd be interesting to see who people think will leave in the second half of the double now that Leo is out of the picture (and the interesting edits people have been getting in tonight's ep). These 4 are easily the top 4 most popular housemates too.
  4. Wormow

    Eviction 14 - Who Will Be Evicted?

    Who do you think will be evicted (not who you want evicted)? It will be a double.
  5. Wormow

    Eviction 14 - Who do you want to SAVE?

    Eviction 13 - Who do you want to SAVE?
  6. Wormow

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

    The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1, In Theaters 11/20. Tickets on sale NOW! #MockingjayTickets Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Liam Hemsworth, Elizabeth Banks, Woody Harrelson, Julianne Moore, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Donald Sutherland, Stanley Tucci, Jeffrey Wright, Natalie...
  7. Wormow

    Are the shows worth it?

    I'm at at the Gold Coast for a holiday and I was wondering for those who have been, if paying $30-50 to be in the audience watching is worth it? Especially if my girl Priya goes tomorrow night :(
  8. Wormow

    Showing Percentages

    They aren't showing the faces of the percentages tonight as it's "so close to the final" yet they weren't afraid to show the percentages of the Stacey eviction last year as well as the mid-week finale percentages when Estelle was in the lead? Shit was rigged last year to make sure Estelle didn't...
  9. Wormow

    Kyle & Jackie O Interviews

    Anyone have a recording of the interview with Kyle and Jackie O that aired a few mins ago? Kind of strange that they're doing interviews now while housemates are still in the house...
  10. Wormow

    Royal Melbourne Show Event

    Was anyone at the Royal Melbourne show last night for the BB event? All the evicted housemates besides Heidi were there live on stage answering questions from Michael of BB2012, and then had a signing/photo session later on. Don't remember much, hopefully there's a video but most of them...
  11. Wormow


    A housemate has been given a strike and "could be going home". Discuss. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OE1hmHfAqKk
  12. Wormow

    Episode Day 4 - Daily Show (90m Special)

    An old DEVIOUS and LOVABLE housemate returns, Tully and Mikkayla get into an argument, and more development on Jade and Drew's fake marriage act tonight!
  13. Wormow

    Mikkayla Appreciation Thread

    Mikkayla could be going home this week, the odds are not in her favour. CALL 1902 55 95 09 or SMS 'MIKKAYLA' TO 199 55 999 TO VOTE FOR HER!
  14. Wormow

    The Biggest Loser: The Next Generation

    Airs Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights on TEN. Anyone watched the premiere last night?
  15. Wormow

    Estelle's Popularity Growth

    Thread to discuss her popularity growth. Just wondering, did any of you expect her to become this popular? What has caused her to become popular, does she have the potential to win? Never expected her to overtake Angie, Ben, Stacey and others. The only person she needs to beat now is Michael.
  16. Wormow

    Voting on Facebook

    I voted on Facebook and bought $20 worth of credits which allowed me to vote for Estelle 20 times. I only voted on Facebook because I remember people telling me it was cheaper than voting by SMS, which clearly it isn't if $20 = 20 votes. Is it suppose to be this expensive?
  17. Wormow

    Ben's Sexuality

    Lately I've been noticing a lot of people calling out on people for being a 'homophobe' just because they don't support Ben. That's what I think is happening in the house too, everyone's too scared to say stuff back to Ben because the "public" might deem it homophobic.
  18. Wormow

    Stacey and Bradley

    I've noticed lately Bradley and Stacey have been having a lot of conversations lately. I didn't know they had this kind of 'friendship'. Stacey also looks kind of awkward when she's with him, as if she's just trying to put up with him (game plan?)
  19. Wormow

    Delilah's Future

    What will become of Delilah after the show is over? Who will be taking care of her?
  20. Wormow

    Benjamin and BB

    I've been reading on the forums about a video of Benjamin talking back at BB and getting called into the naughty corner. After seeing the watered down version of the Benjamin and Estelle scene, I'm starting to think BB is going to do whatever it takes for us to see the 'good' side of him...