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  1. ElevateJay

    Channel 10

    Rights to a certain Endemol reality Tv show doesn't sound so bad now does it Channel 10? #Roasted #bringbackBBAU
  2. ElevateJay

    A year ago, today

    Ah, that time Justynn The Intruder admitted to never having to audition for BB. That was a year ago, today.
  3. ElevateJay

    Insert Quotes button

    I typically use BBB on my iPhone and I used to be able to multi-quote and insert quotes into my reply I think it's been a month since I haven't been able to do that Any suggestions?
  4. ElevateJay

    Will they ever listen to us?

    2012: http://www.behindbigbrother.com/2012/08/big-brother-ratings-erode-away/ 2013: http://www.behindbigbrother.com/2013/08/bb-ratings-verdict/ 2014: http://www.behindbigbrother.com/2014/09/actually-scratch-big-brother-ratings-continue-decline/ I feel like Alex and anyone else involved in the...
  5. ElevateJay

    Jump-In Full Episodes

    A lot of viewers miss episodes aired on TV and go to 9 Jump In to catch up. Last year, episodes were uploaded by MIDNIGHT after the episode aired. This year, episodes aren't uploaded until average MIDDAY the next day. This is frustrating because people who use Jump In to catch up may find out...
  6. ElevateJay

    Game Predict how the money will be split

    $20,000 = $5,000 = $5,000 = I personally predict Lawson will give Aisha the 20k (coz girl.) Aisha might want to give the 5k to Travis (coz showmance) Wbu?
  7. ElevateJay

    Michael in radio interview

    I work on the radio and I had the pleasure of speaking to Michael from 2012 big brother Here's the link to part two of the interview where Michael answers questions from listeners: http://soundcloud.com/elevateradio/michaelbbau/