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  1. Aisha > Tahan

    Katie, Lisa and Jake

    How good is it that these three muppets got evicted early and missed out on all the fun in the house in recent weeks? Not to mention the public exposure. Natural justice served ... suckers!
  2. Aisha > Tahan

    Clearly BB knows Trav will win BB2014

    No other reason to go down this path. If Trav's smart he'll stay and take home the $200k
  3. Aisha > Tahan

    Marina is Hot

    Stuff the haterz ... I like this girl's face I like this girl's body I like this girl's husky Russki voice And I like her don't give a damn 'tude Marina would give a dog a bone!
  4. Aisha > Tahan

    Travis' BIG re-entry into the house

    What the f...k was that all about? Barely got a reaction from the housemates when he went back in. Lamest "twist" ever. Total non-event.
  5. Aisha > Tahan


    Skye's spelling. Wow.
  6. Aisha > Tahan

    Nicknames for Lawson

    The Toe Fucker
  7. Aisha > Tahan

    Sandra ... Get that whiney-ass biatch outta there

    Do it already Australia. Had enough!
  8. Aisha > Tahan

    "Better than f...king your Aunty"

    Sorry Ryan ... never heard of this "Aussie colloquialism" before. No-one has. It doesn't exist. What you did was bullying and baiting and then you have the arrogance and temerity to get up on your high horse when Trav throws a jab back? Worst of all was when you got all mean-spirited, cruelly...
  9. Aisha > Tahan

    Anyone else warming to Trav?

    Yes he can be a bit scuzzy and can have seriously cringeworthy moments ("I'll make you feel expensive" to Aisha ...ughhh), but I actually think his heart's in the right place and through MassageGate has shown himself to be a caring, honourable person. I have him ahead of all of the other males...
  10. Aisha > Tahan

    What is it about Sam ...

    ... that sticks in my craw? Can't put my finger on it. Anyone else feel the same about this guy? Just can't warm to him.
  11. Aisha > Tahan

    Your 3 favourite and 3 most disliked housemates

    4 weeks in .... which housemates have won you over/totally repulsed you? Mine? Three Faves (most to least) 1. David 2. Aisha 3. Skye Three Most Disliked (most to least) 1. Lisa 2. Travis 3. Sandra
  12. Aisha > Tahan

    What type of female intruder would you like to see enter the house?

    1. Sweet, kind and super cute 2. Super-intelligent man-eater 3. Unattractive looks and grating personality 4. Insecure and nerdy 5. Female version of Leo (ie. douchey new age/pilates instructor type) 6. Something else altogether
  13. Aisha > Tahan

    Lawson looks like a ranga Andrew Gaze

    Don't get Cat's attraction ... at all.
  14. Aisha > Tahan

    Lisa seems too confident of being saved

    Nightclub thug mates pooling coke profits and pouring it into save calls on her behalf. That's my theory.
  15. Aisha > Tahan

    Worst BB editing and production ever?

    This show has been almost impossible to follow
  16. Aisha > Tahan

    SeeYA ... PreeYa !

    Short-priced favourite to get the chop tonight. Can't wait. Gonna be some glum faces on her up-themselves groupies around here when ol' Pri-Pri waddles that big mushy butt out the door.
  17. Aisha > Tahan

    Which female housemate has the best tits?

    Katie's for mine. Tote's lush. Motorboat-worthy :hungry: ...
  18. Aisha > Tahan

    Priya fans were Mikkayla fans

    Same demographic. Frumpy 25 - 35yo women jealous of the more popular and attractive women in the house and who try to make up for it with an unjustifed air of intellectual superiority. Basically the chicks at school who couldn't get the hot boys and spent most of their time bitching about the...