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  1. Shackles

    Favourite winner: Tim or Ryan?

    Which winner was much more deserving? Which one made you celebrate?
  2. Shackles

    Most forgetful housemate this year?

    I think Dion takes the cake for me.
  3. Shackles

    Why not ban sex in the BB house?

    If BB is about cutting off entertainment and pretty much the things you like and rely on (TV, internet, radio, time, etc), I still don't understand why its format never banned romantic affiliations and at least sex? That would be good television, to see housemates not getting what they...
  4. Shackles

    Priya vs. Travis

    The bitter tension between them seems subtle, but I'm glad that she's able to outplay him (something that other female housemates couldn't do). When Travis told her to ring the bell because it was "disrespectful" her reaction was epic - "are you serious". And he looked so humiliated. Oh, can...
  5. Shackles

    Behind BB users you want to meet...

    Some of you guys are so intriguing and fun. Actually, the most of you are very friendly (and I didn't expect that when I joined here). Since the time I've been here I've really had the curiousity to see how the people in here would be really like in real life. :p Who I want to meet: Natalia...
  6. Shackles

    Least favourite intruder?

    I'm only going with the ch9 seasons. You can choose three. I didn't include Leo, Penny and Lina because I don't think that they were that bad. I liked Marina, but the majority didn't so I had to include her.
  7. Shackles

    Things that Behind BB users always say...

    Madonna: Slaying. Stunning. Glamorous. Prisus. Anti-Gretel: I want every female housemate of BB history in my bed right now. JordanS: *Lisa's face* gif....SAVE RYAN!...RYAN THIS, RYAN THAT! RYAN! RYAN!.... Nan_Taylor: Hup! Any others? :D
  8. Shackles

    Best Evicted Male Housemate (2014)?

    And why? Should they have stayed? You can choose two. Newbies NOT included.
  9. Shackles

    Your first impression on Priya? (i.e "Posh Spice")

    From her promo I expected her to be a single, bitchy and flirtatious woman who would hit on every guy in the house and be evicted in the first week. The "my butter chicken brings all the boys to the yard" line didn't help either (dunno why they 'advertised' her that way for? :jawdrop:)... Glad...
  10. Shackles

    Battle of the Bens - Who was your favourite Ben?

    There have been a number of Bens in the show's history. Who was your favourite and why? You can choose two.
  11. Shackles

    Ideal Final Two...

    Ryan and Priya. Let's call them Priyan.
  12. Shackles

    In what season would YOU have thrown in these housemates?

    Lisa in 2012 season. I'd wanted to see how she got along with Angie, since they're very alike... Travis in 2012 too. Would have loved to see Benjamin and his clique ganging up on him up until the very end. How would he have handled it? :sneaky: Priya and Ryan in either BB2013 or 2012. They're...
  13. Shackles

    Still ending on Day 80?

    With the four new housemates shouldn't be pushed to Day 90 or something? Hell, I'd extend it to Day 100. We need to know these people more...
  14. Shackles

    Whose "it's time to go" do you prefer, Gretel's or Sonia's?

    Gretel's loud, major-keyed and energetic "IT'S TIME TO GO...!" Or Sonia's quiet, somber and foreboding "it's time to go..."
  15. Shackles

    Eviction 10 - Who should be EVICTED?

    I think it's going to be a double, so you have have two choices in the poll.
  16. Shackles

    How to make BB 2015 even worse.

    1. Daily shows pushed to 9:30pm 2. Background music for dramatic moments (sad bits, romantic bits, etc) 3. No daily shows on Fridays whatsoever Continue....
  17. Shackles

    Four New Housemates to enter the house

    This Monday. Did you watch the ad?
  18. Shackles

    Eviction crying

    Is this year's as bad as last year's? They all seem to love to cry despite not being close to the evictee. Even Marina's crying during somebody's eviction - didn't know she was that close to Sam, Sandra and Jason... :smuggrin: I'm guessing it's contagious.
  19. Shackles

    Best time for intruders to come in?

    I just want to know the general consensus here of the perfect timeframe for intruders to come in the house. The poll is based on the 85-day threshold. You can choose 2 appropriate timeframes in the poll.
  20. Shackles

    David is the most strategic housemate!

    This year it has to be him. He sits around calling Skye, Jason and Priya strategic, but I really see him as one ironically, regarding his comments and behaviour. He's in the house for himself. Doesn't give a rat's ass about the other housemates. Always love to talk about the 'game' - he is...