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  1. caz71

    Foxtel - The Real Housewifes of Melbourne

    Did anyone watch it. Team Gina all the way. That Lydia and Andrea are vile men.
  2. caz71

    What would you use the $250,000 for??

    I often dream about winning lotto. So if I won the BB mula- Id pay some of the mortgage. Go on an overseas holiday and buy a 10,000 love bracelet.
  3. caz71

    omg i just met Sharon

    At.my.local coles. She is tall!! Lives in my area which i knew!!!
  4. caz71

    Any jiggy jiggy going on??

    OK so we getting abit bored with the show now. But wondering if any of the couples has done it. Lots of spooning going on, so would think something kinky must have happened. We may never know as we dont have an Uplate or live stream. I reckon Josh and Ava prolly have! Just my 2cents...
  5. caz71

    HM eating KFC

    Best clip ever. Would have been funnier if BB said this chicken is not for you. Made me wanna eat KFC. Good plug in BB.