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  1. Frankyfurt

    Survivor: worlds apart

    Great premiere episode I thought Feather in the hair guy is scary! Tribal council was dramatic Who the hell goes to first tribal council and reveals who they are in an alliance with !!!
  2. Frankyfurt

    Shit season of Big Brother?

    But I miss it already !!! Wahhhhh :arghh: I can't even remember what I used to watch Monday - Thursday Tomorrow I'm going to finally watch this season of walking dead though :thumbsup:
  3. Frankyfurt

    Win tickets to finale

    Ben from Brisbane has a competition on his fb page. 2 x tickets to finale I saw some people posting on bb fb page that they wanted tickets so thought id let you all know incase anyone here was wanting some :)
  4. Frankyfurt

    The LOVE thread

    No hate Just love Watch this thread DIE in 3 minutes.
  5. Frankyfurt

    A DAVID thread

    E'body losing their shit about the amount of Priya threads. So let's talk David. How do you think he will go this week? Oh wait... He's been evi... Nevermind
  6. Frankyfurt

    It's Monday!!!!

    Yay Big Brother is on and this week is going to be HUGE!!! What's everyone doing today? Shopping and kindy drop off for me..I'm feeling nervous ... Big names are up on the chopping block. Who will make it to finals week? Eeeeeeeek
  7. Frankyfurt

    Bad edit for skye

    I was actually laughing when I first saw this cos she looks like an absolute nut case. They don't even show what leo said to her to get her riled up. Social media are not happy ... Calling her a brat etc https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=902818113070987&id=271246982894773
  8. Frankyfurt

    Gemma looking HOT

    How HOT does she look? Love the hair
  9. Frankyfurt

    Are families a help or hindrance ?

    I wasn't sure what title to use for this but was thinking about housemates and the support they have from their families outside the house. Remember when Ryan (2004) had support outside from the mls. ? And sales from the t shirts went toward the cost of votes. It was controversial at the time...
  10. Frankyfurt

    I'm a bit concerned

    @AntiGretel hasn't posted his usual 50 threads ?
  11. Frankyfurt

    Have you ever had a BB dream?

    I'm not sure if it's because I am Addicted to the show or of it's because I fall asleep after watching it but I had the weirdest BB dream. It ended up turning out that priya, skye and marina were fighting for their lives Katie was stabbing people with a knife Ryan and Travis had actually...
  12. Frankyfurt

    Dear Priya Haters

    Dear Haters, I hate your stinking guts. You make me vomit. You're scum between my toes! Love, Franky. Seriously though. To all the people that underestimated the pristians .... Suck on it! Big Brother tried to give her a villain role and she had a target on her from day 1. The launch night...
  13. Frankyfurt

    The real skye

    So it's obvious skye has a massive fan base. And big brother promotes her so much. Is it because they want her to stay in as she brings in the votes (money) ? Like what the hell is this? 3 housemates that have left have all said that big brother doesn't show the other side of skye ...
  14. Frankyfurt

    Is David circumcised?

    Another important question Since there is a thread asking if Davis is: Gay A mermaid A virgin Autistic
  15. Frankyfurt

    What's your middle name?

    Mine is... Frances (hence my name)
  16. Frankyfurt

    Penny in the ice bath

    I thought this needed a thread of it's own. I've watched it 5 x already and I have tears running down my face. Dat voice ! :mad: https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=891580367528095&id=271246982894773
  17. Frankyfurt

    Show me your

  18. Frankyfurt

    Monday Night Predictions?

    So what does everyone think will happen on Monday night. Surely they will not be putting in 4 new housemates/intruders? Going by promos there is gold backgrounds and the words "shake it up" and "new era" have been used. I'm thinking it's got something to do with the 70's. Or maybe the local...
  19. Frankyfurt

    I finally worked out who Ryan looks like

    For weeks and weeks I've been trying to work out who he reminded me of. I finallllllly have it! He looks EXACTLY like Brian Krause in the 1992 movie Sleepwalkers You're welcome