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  1. J

    Big Brother House Left To Rot

    Apparently Dreamworld sold off the property/land not long after 2014, sold it to West Farmers I believe. It's a shame really, I think this will destroy all remaining hope of a revival of the series.
  2. J

    Let's face it, Skye's got this

    David will win.
  3. J

    Episode Day 46 (23/10/14) Nominations

    Why is Lawson not up? Family and friends obviously do most of the voting to save :/ Should have vote to evict.
  4. J

    Will they ever listen to us?

    Big brother is dead after this season. Channel 9 have destroyed just about every great thing about the show.
  5. J

    Episode Day 44 (21/10/14) Eviction #7 and cash self-eviction

    Housemates suck this year. Worst idea bribing housemates to leave.
  6. J

    How Will Travis's Return Affect The Game?

    Sandra, Ryan and Lawson will just stand there awkwardly staring while aiesha runs up and gives him a big hug.
  7. J

    Episode Day 39 (16/10/2014) - Daily Show

    Sandra is a sook, maybe stop moping around then people won't try and hug you. What a weirdo.
  8. J

    Episode Day 36 (13/10/14) Daily show and intruder

    Whoever thought Sandra's radio show would have any entertainment value probably needs to quit their job.
  9. J

    Apparently Jade and Ed had sex?

    Tahan had a boyfriend so I doubt it
  10. J

    Apparently Jade and Ed had sex?

    Ed and jade had sex as soon as they got out of the house. If Lawson and cat did, I hope Lawson's 5 year relationship was worth it.
  11. J

    Episode Day 36 (13/10/14) Daily show and intruder

    I reckon Travis just said it in a joking matter, like boys do.. Ryan just over reacted. He shouldn't dish it out if he can't take it.
  12. J

    Episode Day 36 (13/10/14) Daily show and intruder

    From what I can gather, David seems to be the only decent normal person in the house
  13. J

    Episode Day 36 (13/10/14) Daily show and intruder

    Sandra trying to talk sexy... /vom
  14. J

    Episode Day 36 (13/10/14) Daily show and intruder

    My god, whoever is creating these ideas really needs someone else to take over. Sounds like they're creating the story line for teenage girls
  15. J

    What have I missed?

    Watch 2005 or 2004 and you'll see what everyone means.
  16. J

    New intruder Marina going in this weekend

    Didn't mean it in a rude way. Just seems like they're scraping the bottom of the barrel for idea's, trying to make the viewers more intrigued by their different accent or whatever. Just seems like they're going down hill at an enormous rate at the moment. Just seem to be throwing every idea they...
  17. J

    New intruder Marina going in this weekend

    I thought this was big brother Australia, not big brother multicultural
  18. J

    "Too many stories" says Alex Mavroidakis

    He looks like a toss bag. Channel 9 needs to get rid of him. He obviously doesn't know what big brother is to be delivering us "story lines" its meant to be a reality show, not a damn script. He needs to take a look at the older seasons such as 2005 and see how its done.