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  1. Gayspie

    BB2021 Filming

    Not funny. Copyright breach is a crime.
  2. Gayspie

    BB2021 pushed back for Holey Moley

    Free to air TV is almost dead anyway. Heaps of new shows like Plate of Origin and Pooch Perfect have been flopping lately.
  3. Gayspie

    BB2021 Filming

    You are both rude and wrong.
  4. Gayspie

    BB2021 Filming

    Because they are dirty...
  5. Gayspie

    BB2021 Filming

    Well just keep calm and let them film!
  6. Gayspie

    BB2021 Filming

    "This is Big Brother, all housemates, you have been ordered to evacuate the house within 30 seconds due to a nearby fire, its time to go, everyone"! :)
  7. Gayspie

    The day after thoughts.

    Sonia must be making a fortune with channel 7. I am sure little Maggie is getting spoilt with all of her mothers hard earnt money.
  8. Gayspie

    The day after thoughts.

    From what i understand, at least Channel 7 Have taken onboard 2 of our fan suggestions for their next BB series. 1) Have a games arena that is connected to the main house. 2) Have a longer series that allows us more time to enjoy it.
  9. Gayspie

    New arena being built

    On Big Brother 2021 i honestly cant wait to hear: This is Big Brother, all housemates to the arena please!
  10. Gayspie

    Elder Sibling - Facebook show with Reggie

    Same here. Although i am yet to watch the 2012 season of BB.
  11. Gayspie

    🏆 The Speccy Awards 2020

    Meanwhile i did not get an award which is sad but i am happy for those of you who did get an award.
  12. Gayspie

    The 2021 host

    Sonia is an awesome host when the autocue is switched off. :)
  13. Gayspie

    2020 Ratings Thread

    The only way from here is up.
  14. Gayspie

    Voice of Big brother 2020

    But then again someone who visited the site during filming earlier this year did say that they could hear a someone using a cheap version of Leon Murray's voice telling Xavier to come to the diary room.
  15. Gayspie

    The day after thoughts.

    Shhh. That will do it guys. Moving back on topic, how are we all coping now that BB has officially wrapped up for the year?
  16. Gayspie

    The day after thoughts.

    Excellent call forum staff. My year 6 teacher once told me two things that will stick with me to this very day; jokes are only funny if they are seen as funny from both sides, it is all well and good to have some fun in life but the minute things look like they are going too far then that is...
  17. Gayspie

    🏆 The Speccy Awards 2020

    Vote for Gayspie for thread of the year because they were the person who just happened to start the vast majority of our daily episode threads since i am the thread captain! :D
  18. Gayspie

    What music or songs are you listening to?

    "I think I am ready"...
  19. Gayspie

    The Affable Thread

    I dont watch sky news.
  20. Gayspie

    Then and now - 2014 to 2020

    Did anyone here get up to anything in 2014 that is particularly interesting?