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  1. pawlini

    Big Brother 2020 has finished.

    Well according to the media, all essential services will be shut down tomorrow. What does that mean for the show and contestants? Aren't they in the safest place right now? How big is the crew? This is a disaster for all involved. Updates in here.
  2. pawlini

    Tim is gay.

    Not not the owner of this website we all know that, the Big Brother winner Tim Dormer has come out and said he's fallen in love with his best mate...
  3. pawlini

    Celebrity Big Brother tipped for later this year

    I can exclusively reveal that through the popularity of IM A CELEB GET ME OUT OF HERE. Channel 9 are now looking into a Celeb Big Brother later this year.
  4. pawlini

    Sonia is co-hosting The Voice, unlikely Big Brother will be back

    Sonia will be co-hosting The Voice this year which means its unlikely Big Brother will be back because they wouldn't have her host 2 shows in a row. Unless they are planning on a new host I doubt its back.
  5. pawlini

    Lasting friendships?

    Who will have lasting friendships out of the house do you think and why? We can track this thread and see if we were right in 6 months time lol
  6. pawlini

    Post all after party gossip / pics / captions in here!

    As the thread suggests post all the after party gossip, pics and caption of pics in this one thread to keep up to date! I'll start. Lisa: "So it's been fun Jake...." Ryan: "Urrgh poor people, get off me!"
  7. pawlini

    Does Ryan have some sort of sponsorship deal with..

    KFC!? I find it very suspicious his party trick relates to their biggest sponsor, he even mentioned it when they got KFC as a reward last night. That along with his Life Without Andy shirts (what ever happened to no brand names?) and his boat shoes.
  8. pawlini

    I think Priya has an unfair advantage!

    Priya Malik has an unfair advantage being the sister of One Direction's Zayn. I mean how many little fucks are out there that are 1D fans? so unfair!
  9. pawlini

    Bookies fav is Ryan, but who will take home the $200,000?

    http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/entertainment/television/big-brothers-final-six-housemates-are-battling-it-out-to-win-200000-cash-but-bookies-favour-only-one/story-fni0cjvj-1227130569037 Looks like they are doing in house interviews now :rolleyes: What will they spend their winnings on...
  10. pawlini

    A petition for BB to show the full spa arguments!

    click YES to sign this virtual petition to show BB we want to see the uncensored unedited spa arguments! I would really like to know what really went down the night David & Lisa had that fight. Because from what we were shown it seemed to have come from nowhere and then Dave was crying for no...
  11. pawlini

    Who even is Ryan?

    I would be interested to know what his fans on here and others have to say about this. I personally don't see how anyone can have an opinion on him at all as we've seen nothing of him except maybe the frozen chicken. So you tell me and don't tell me who you think he is but who you have actually...
  12. pawlini

    Leo (Ryan) the new Bachelor?

    http://www.yourtv.com.au/blog.aspx?blogentryid=1226617 I actually wouldn't be surprised if this did happen, he already has the fans and he loves the camera and playing the girls.
  13. pawlini

    QLD You won't find out the BB winner live this year

    http://www.tvtonight.com.au/2014/11/big-brothers-daylight-savings-finale.html How pressed are you?
  14. pawlini

    The Mod's absence?

    Is anyone else worried the mods being absent for this long coincides with a save Priya campaign? I wouldn't be surprised if they took all your donated money and voted for Priya they seem hell bent on getting her the win. thoughts? where else could they be? the banner still has 2 faces not even...
  15. pawlini

    They need to do Secrets night this week!

    Secrets night is scheduled for Nov 24th which is next Monday with only 6 HMs left. 2 of them will be Lina & Penny who haven't been in the house long enough to make this night worth it. I say move this night up a week to this Monday as the potential is a lot more huge! if Leo goes then he will...
  16. pawlini

    Do You Think You Can Win Big Brother 2014?

    http://www.9jumpin.com.au/show/bigbrother/2014/videos/3890651190001/ Skye actually believe the universe will help her win the show, clearly she's 20 and not been through "life" yet. Universe gives you shit, people with money and connections give you things. Travis trying to speak eloquently and...
  17. pawlini

    The voting public.

    So let's break this down, I'm going to leave the newbies out cause they have no chance. who is voting for these people? David: Seems to have a strong fan base on this forum, has mixed reactions in other social media pages like Facebook and Twitter. Leo: Gay guys might vote for him? Priya: Has...
  18. pawlini

    They are saving Priya too much?

    How many times now has Priya nearly gone only for Big Brother to change the rules or how many evictions there will be? Is she really a favourite of the shows or do they know she has a rabid fan base on here that will keep pumping cash into saving her like taking candy from a baby?
  19. pawlini

    Follow Lawson's Instagram account

    and get some real insight into the guy who has been unfairly treated by the media and public. @lawsonreeves91 As I've mentioned before he loves a drink (it could be an issue to do with his mum's death) he posted a RIP post on Robin Williams with #mensdepression as a hashtag, There's a photo of...
  20. pawlini

    Um … You Looked Different in Your Profile Pic

    Classic gallery about how fat they are getting, probably inspired by my Skye thread lol http://www.jump-in.com.au/show/bigbrother/2014/latest/day-53/gallery/you-looked-different/