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  1. Electric

    Skye does not tag Ryan in Instagram pictures?

    Is there something we are unaware about? Every photo she tags everyone EXCEPT Ryan
  2. Electric

    Is this what you expected Big Brother to look like?

    lawson met Big Brother! Well, brothers. There is TWO of them. Is this what you expected them to look like? Tbh I was expecting an older grey haired man
  3. Electric

    Jason enters the Big Brother house!

    So according to Instagram @jasonroses He has been telling us that he is heading to the Big Brother house (and no it's nothing to do with the finale - he has already clarified that) Anyone have any ideas?!
  4. Electric

    Tom knows Blake Garvey from The Bachelor

    Take a look at this third picture on Instagram @mtomwj (it is private) so not sure if he will accept people
  5. Electric

    Tom keeps instagram private

    for a guy who gets upset that he is "that guy" and no one knows his name. He sure try's to keep that way! His instagram is on private and denies anyone that try's to follow him! Not that its a big deal, maybe later he will go public who knows! Just thought it was a bit hypercritical His...
  6. Electric

    Is Richard blonde or brunette?

    I can't tell. I thought it was brunette, but maybe its blonde?
  7. Electric

    Only just realised we are at Top 5 Housemates!

    Ummmm, WHY have I only just realised we are up to the Top 5 housemates?!?! I guess all the intruders made the house seem more full, but let us pretend they arent in the house... David, Ryan, Skye, Priya & Travis!! Was that the top 5 you predicted?
  8. Electric

    How do you add Instagram pictures in posts? (Noob alert)

    A simple guide for noobs would be appreciated!
  9. Electric

    Younger pictures of housemates?

    I saw some Big Brother housemates upload their younger selves onto Insta Was wondering if you had found any? Feel free to upload!
  10. Electric

    In another world, who would you want to host Big Brother

    I was thinking Karl Stefanovic would be a good laugh!
  11. Electric

    Travis and Aisha sleep together. Says Marina.

    http://instagram.com/p/u7R47fTIwp/?modal=true So the last article reveals that travis and aisha do sleep together (have sex) in the house!
  12. Electric

    Jason Roses audition for Australian Idol

    Jason posts on his facebook page "I have just found my 2006 Australian Idol Audition, when I was 16 years old. This so too funny. I think it is safe to say my voice has improved with age. What does everyone else think haha. Love you all xx AKA Big Mumma Big Brother Australia #bbau9" Made me...
  13. Electric

    Would you have proffered Aisha & Travis to leave or Jason?

    I would of so much proffered Trav and Aish!! ahhhh
  14. Electric

    Lawson and Cats official kiss

    So I guess big brother finally decided to show it. And I can only bet it's because they know it will make the media go crazy on this story. I feel so bad for his girlfriend :/
  15. Electric

    No favourites?

    This year I don't have a favourite :( This makes me sad Nothing will beat last years housemates (IMO)
  16. Electric

    Dion knew Jake before Big Brother

    So who knew, Dion knew Jake a couple of years ago through mutual friends! It wasn't a proper 'friendship' but they had met. wow... Go to @8.34 @8.34
  17. Electric

    Big Brother blocks all fan accounts

    SO I was just looking through Instagram fan accounts... And came across this page saying that the owner had been blocked by the official account @bbau9, I also saw that another person said they knew others had been blocked. And another girl said Katie (the recent evicted housemate), blocked the...
  18. Electric

    Lawson kisses Cat in dare

    Was it Cat, I don't remember.. But would you be angry at your other half if they kissed/pecked/barely kissed but still touched lips, even as a dare? I kind of want to know how his gf is feeling right now...
  19. Electric

    Who is in a relationship?

    Aisha: Single Cat: Single David: Single Dion: In a relationship Gemma: ? Jake: Single Jason: ? Katie: Single Lawson: In a relationship Lisa: Single Priya: ? Ryan: Single Sam: ? Sandra: ? Skye: ? :S:S:S:S Travis: Single Anyone who can fill the blanks, thanks
  20. Electric

    Skye in a relationship?

    So sources are telling me Skye has a boyfriend outside the house? Anyone know if this is true? His name is apparently 'Dion'.