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  1. MistressBliss

    Jade is pathetic

    Her cousin is clearly of the same intellectual cloth. If it were me nominating at her family/friend, I would've nominated Ed, for using her.
  2. MistressBliss

    Dear tim's dad,

    I want him to be my father-in-law. Drooooool.
  3. MistressBliss

    Tahan needs Jade to be in the Final 3 :S

    Very little? Almost everyone I know LOVES Tahan?
  4. MistressBliss

    Channel 9 ad bias, disrespectful to paying voters

    Meh, BB has the opportunity to create drama in the house... by doing better tasks than car washes and ice cream trucks!! Tully's drama is old, stale, boring, done, bye Tully... can they evict the current task master while they're at it?
  5. MistressBliss

    Eviction #9 Betting Odds

    Who's Katie?
  6. MistressBliss

    What makes a great housemate?

    Dan was a great housemate, he went too early.
  7. MistressBliss

    What makes a great housemate?

    Someone who isn't a pleaser, but garners adoration for being their self, flaws and all. Gina on BBUK this year was a prime example, loathed by the public on entry, didn't give a crap about staying, or how others felt about her, but was so endearing in spite of all of that. OR, someone who...
  8. MistressBliss

    Tim's thing for Jade

    Haha, I love his style, he's making Jade look (more) pathetic and making Ed look like a bastard and making himself look adorable.
  9. MistressBliss

    Is BB sabotaging Tully?

    For sure, but he's not the cheater. If I were Tahlia, I'd only blame Tully.
  10. MistressBliss

    This Years Tasks

    I'd rather they had good stuff in instead of people washing cars.
  11. MistressBliss

    Is BB sabotaging Tully?

    Nah, he has no moral obligations to Tahlia.
  12. MistressBliss

    Is BB sabotaging Tully?

    Hahahaha, ewwwww... and no, Tully alone is responsible for the way she's hurt Tahlia.
  13. MistressBliss

    This Years Tasks

    I think those particular two aren't even fun, let alone adding to the game. Tasks for the sake of having tasks.
  14. MistressBliss

    This Years Tasks

    I'm disappointed, tasks should be an opportunity for 'BB' to create contention, competition and controversy, but the icecream truck, the car wash? After watching this years BBUK, I saw the potential the tasks have to add so much to the show and I feel like BBAUs are just a waste of effort...
  15. MistressBliss

    Episode Day 37 (Tues 3/09/13): Late Night Feast #2

    Tim on Porn Okay, so no surprises here... Tim's my BB crush for 2013, for similar reasons as Michael was my BB crush in 2012. There's something irresistibly sexy about an intelligent, witty man. Even if he's part toddler and part chimp. I'm a day behind and just watched Late Night Feast...
  16. MistressBliss

    If they were all up to EVICT who gets your vote

    Ben, Jade or Caleb. They're all absolute drips.
  17. MistressBliss

    ‘Big Brother: Secrets & Lies’

    Noooooooooo... what a SHIT winner. He was a crap housemate. I was a Gina fan. Gina or Dexter were so much more deserving.
  18. MistressBliss

    Tahan vs Jade

    I'd go gay for Tahan. I don't even think I'd want to be friends with Jade, let alone get her in bed.
  19. MistressBliss

    Housemate #5 TULLY!

    She's awful. Her anti-Mikayla crap is grating, especially as it isn't Mikayla's fault. I think if she goes, then I think housewide attitudes towards Mikayla may shift. Send the mopey misery guts home, I have toddlers at home, I don't need to turn on my tv to see pathetic tantrums.
  20. MistressBliss

    General O/T Chit Chat Thread

    All still in there. I have high hopes for one in particular.