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  1. MistressBliss

    This Years Tasks

    I'm disappointed, tasks should be an opportunity for 'BB' to create contention, competition and controversy, but the icecream truck, the car wash? After watching this years BBUK, I saw the potential the tasks have to add so much to the show and I feel like BBAUs are just a waste of effort...
  2. MistressBliss

    The SuBRITskys

    I saw it suggested on Twitter as a 'Keeping up with the Subritskys' style show. I'd watch it. Family of 5, fairly fresh from the UK. Soft, loving Kiwi dad, quirky, doting British mother, two stunning girls who are a bit crazy, love to party, exploring their new playground and a teenage son...
  3. MistressBliss

    Sons of Anarchy: SAMCRO are back tomorrow

    Who's going to be watching?
  4. MistressBliss

    Layla Love Thread