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  1. Dave

    Format and production thoughts

    hey brekkie old pal, hope you are well. i agree that they could space this out a bit more - i just think they were being really cautious with this season in case it totally flopped. i hope that now they see the potential they will try to extend it at least an extra day of the week next week so...
  2. Dave

    AFL 2020

    its backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk curtain raiser tonight before the hawks demolish the kitty cats!
  3. Dave

    Episode BBAU 2020 - Episode 3 Discussion (10 June) - Final four housemates enter

    hey all, it's been a...while! so i'm one of those people that was 100% a week ago of the opinion that this would be rubbish, how can you pre record and ruin the format etc etc. perhaps it's time to eat humble pie - i'm loving this show so far!!! (granted, i am a bbus addict every year, so i...
  4. Dave

    Big Brother 2020 production / schedule / format talk

    the more probable answer to this is that ESA probably pitched then this idea before they signed up
  5. Dave

    Who will host in 2020?

    Anyone but mel Doyle...my god that would be terrible
  6. Dave

    Big Brother 2020 production / schedule / format talk

    (This is so awesome having bb back! I haven’t been here in years!) Totally up for a US style season, I’m still watching all of the seasons. whst I just can’t get my head around is the filming months in advance. I hope this isn’t true. Other than that, I’m just stoked we get another season next...
  7. Dave

    Episode Day 31 (8/10/2014) Daily Show & Nominations

    I'm sorry I just turned the tv on and haven't watched much of this series But wtf shade of lipstick is that? It's freakin awful!
  8. Dave

    Behind Big Brother podcast is back

    Yeh I'm around :)
  9. Dave

    Behind Big Brother FAQs and Q&A

    I'm guessing it wasn't an accident "SIS"!
  10. Dave

    Are we seriously getting no live updates at all this year?

    This has me completely baffled. I'm one that was astonished they took away the live streams - I thought it was an easy way to control the show and give direction to the people in the house. But to now take away the live feeds, in which they can still manipulate any which way they like is just...
  11. Dave

    BBHM Daily Popularity Tracker

    I am definitely not your SIS, please refrain from calling me such
  12. Dave

    BBHM Daily Popularity Tracker

    edited your original post
  13. Dave

    BBHM Daily Popularity Tracker

    it's a popularity game so is the other one
  14. Dave

    BBHM Daily Popularity Tracker

    seriously we don't need two games
  15. Dave

    Episode 2014 BB Launch TV Premiere from 8:40 pm - Live Discussion Topic

    this guy is seriously sooooo annoying but priya and katie are pretty annoying too lol this wa chick also sounds weird.....awesome, hate everyone so far!
  16. Dave

    Episode 2014 BB Launch TV Premiere from 8:40 pm - Live Discussion Topic

    they got rid of the cameraman taking us through the house :(
  17. Dave

    Episode 2014 BB Launch TV Premiere from 8:40 pm - Live Discussion Topic

    bored already :( oh no don't bring back hotdogs and that ugly chick please....
  18. Dave

    What happened to the Podcast and Radio Pages?

    i believe I do have them all somewhere....maybe
  19. Dave

    Love the banner!

    this is actually an 'old' banner, but might well stay around this year! glad you like it though :)