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  1. up_all_night

    Big Brother House in MS Flight Sim 2020

    Some screenshots of the Big Brother house in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The NSW one appears to be autogenerated buildings before it was converted into the house. The Goldcoast one is photogrammetry. I assume taken from Bing maps. But who would know! I haven't quite figured out the...
  2. up_all_night

    Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

    Anyone else checked this out? Not on air in Australia yet, but it's a new Netflix series from Tina Fey. Very good stuff!
  3. up_all_night

    Better Call Saul

    Anyone else watching this? I quite liked it and am so glad I can watch the second episode tonight and not have to wait a week.
  4. up_all_night

    Was Ryan winning the ultimate proof this was a bad season?

    I know there are many threads about housemates, but this is specifically on this topic. A pretty crappy big brother season and the fact Ryan won being the ultimate proof? I have disliked winners in the past. Ben 2012, Terri and many others. However most of the time I can see and understand why...
  5. up_all_night

    Who is the better rapper?

    So who is the better rapper? Saxon from the 2008 season. or Jake from the current season. http://jakobtwo.bandcamp.com/album/dreams-come-true-ep http://www.jump-in.com.au/show/bigbrother/2014/latest/day-3/jake-raps/ Bonus video rapping from the us series.
  6. up_all_night


    I saw it mentioned on Reality Check this week. Has anyone 'flown over to the states' and checked it out? A giant BB type show that lasts a year, but set on a 5 acre peace of land where people create their own society. I flew over and watched the first episode. It was pretty entertaining in...
  7. up_all_night

    Can't edit some posts.

    I have noticed that for some posts I have made, the option to edit them is not available. Is this a glitch or on purpose for certain kinds of posts, threads?
  8. up_all_night

    2014 Photoshop Thread

  9. up_all_night

    Ben is Big Brother?

    From what searching I have done I can't find any information. However some people told be that Ben Zabel (pictured below) Was going to be Big Brother this year? Or filling some kind of big brother in change of the house for some period of time? Anyone know what this was based on? Is there...
  10. up_all_night

    What will Layla do with her two cars?

    Now that Layla has won, what will she do with her two cars?
  11. up_all_night

    If Stacey Goes Drinking Game

    To get things started, add more and i'll update this. Drink every time Stacey says; Drainer. But that's ok. ummm Meeper Cray Cray Totes the sickest love to love Awks/awkies Ugh OMAGAWWD Or when; she rolls her eyes. she pushes her tips together and moves them to one side she impersonates...
  12. up_all_night

    When did Josh ever have a personality?

    I keep seeing people on here refer to Josh as losing his personality, becoming a pod person and so forth. All since Ava came into the house. Yet I for the life of me can not remember Josh ever having a personality. Ever not being a boring pot plant of a house mate? Am I just completely...
  13. up_all_night

    posters spamming threads

    Anyone else annoyed by people spamming threads with lots of pointless posts? I'm not going to name names. However it's clear some poster(s) are just going out of their way to try and derail threads. By posting many pointless comments one after another. Maybe they are confused between a...