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  1. Rison

    Big Brother Canada: Season 3 Discussion [Spoilers]

    I like how they made out that the public voting to evict, which outside of Canada and the USA is a staple of series, is a big shocking twist. But I guess that's just years of BBAU/UK that has made it seem lame to me. I'd imagine people across Canada were going OMGWTFBBQ?
  2. Rison

    I'm A Celebrity: The Ratings Thread!

    Sunday - February 1st 2015: 1.199 million (#4) / 1.136 million (#5) Monday - February 2nd 2015: 755,000 (#14) Tuesday - February 3rd 2015: 685,000 (#13) Wednesday - February 4th 2015: 588,000 (#14) So... where is the floor on this thing?
  3. Rison

    I want my Day 7 plz!

    Oh Alex... You've gone and "deleted" an entire day from the Big Brother house. Welcome to your new low in your rein of Executive Producer. So the Daily Show on Sunday was dedicated completely to Friday footage, with the majority focused on the party thrown by Big Brother. Monday Night Live was...